1. How to Build a Basement Bar

The thing most people overlook when they’re learning how to build a basement bar is space. Everyone is hot on the styling and internal storage, but few think about access. This project by Vintage Headboards is a great example of how an open shape (an L) can provide maximum accessibility while still offering generous storage and countertop space.  Get tutorial here

2. The Best Basement Bar Plans

The best basement bar plans are the ones that work with the space you’ve got. For this project, our Hometalker realized the cellar’s brickwork set the ideal tone for a wine bar, and the end result sets a classy yet natural vibe. The same goes for your space: If it’s full of wood, try a farmhouse style. If there’s tons of metal, try an industrial look. Get tutorial here

3. Dressy Basement Bar Ideas

With enough imagination, almost anything can become a basement bar. After recovering an old dresser from the side of the road, Lindsay repainted it and added wooden batons to the underside of her new shelves to create glass holders. The trick here is to leave just enough space to grip wine glass stems but still maintain easy access. Get tutorial here

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Paint Basement Bar Designs

Painted wood might not be for everyone in the DIY community. However, done right, it can look fantastic. In this basement bar revamp, Andrea used pure white to update her tired-looking pine panels. What we love about this project is how she turned the paint into a theme by adding color to her brickwork for a unique, farmhouse style finish.  Get tutorial here

5. Basement Wet Bar with a Tiki Twist

A basement wet bar doesn’t always have to be serious. With some Hawaiian grass skirts and a string of Christmas lights, even the ugliest bar can be given a lift. The trick to recreating this tiki bar look is to cover your bar’s facade with the grass skirts and lights before adding netting to the front cushion.  Get tutorial here

6. The Traveling Basement Bar

It may take more than an hour or two to recreate this novel basement bar, but the end result is certainly worth it. Indeed, if you can find an old travel trunk, you’re already halfway there. As long as you can build wooden frames that fit the interior of each trunk like Hometalker Go Nautical has done, slipping in the inserts and adding casters is a breeze. Get tutorial here

7. Work Hard, Play Hard Basement Bar Designs

An old desk makes the ideal base for a basement bar. With the unit acting as a base, Carlos was able to cover it with pallet boards. Working with the desk’s natural shape and adding extra support where necessary, the pallet boards act as cladding and complete the structure. A coat or two of stain finished this simple yet impressive basement bar.  Get tutorial here

8. Top Tips on How to Build a Basement Bar

How do you turn a dresser into a wine bar? According to Hometalker Meagan, you remove the old draws, sand and then add chunky ottoman legs for extra height. Once the base is set, screw 1x2 wooden strips to the internal base of the unit. Finally, sandwich the same size strips in between four batons to build a second wine rack.  Get tutorial here

9. The Sweetest Basement Bar Around

A basement bar doesn’t have to be filled with alcohol. As Carolyn McAfee has shown us here, a dash of color and some funky lettering can transform a basement wet bar into a candy bar. The key to this project’s success, aside from the color scheme, is partitions. By segmenting jars by eras, Carolyn was able to create a fantastic, retro space that’s fun for everyone. Get tutorial here

10. Brilliant Basement Bar Upgrade

A coat of white paint and some stainless-steel shelves were enough to give Tiffany’s old basement bar a fresh, modern look. However, the feature we really love is the blackboard. Instead of going with regular paint for the wall, she used chalkboard paint. The beauty of this feature is that you can change the drinks menu or the inspiring messages at will. Get tutorial here

11. Bold Geometric Basement Bar Designs

A basement bar is designed to stand out, and that’s exactly what this one does. Designed by Hometalker Jessica C, this bar is actually an old dresser. After a coat of white paint and strips of Frog Tape, she was able to create this unique geometric pattern that really makes her basement bar pop.  Get tutorial here

12. Brilliant Wild West Barrel Bar Hack

Want to build a basement bar that leaves a lasting impression? After spotting an idea online, Hometalker Cindy cut an oak barrel in half and mounted each side-by-side on a wooden base. A second wooden box was added to the top as a bar and shelves were placed inside each barrel. As basement bars go, we love this wild west look.  Get tutorial here

13. All About Accessories - Basement Bar Ideas

Basement bar ideas don’t come much better than this. Hometalker Shannon wanted to make this the ultimate hangout spot, which is why accessories matter. Yes, the bar is brilliant, but it’s everything around it that makes it great. The wall decorations, the signage, and the games render this DIY project a fantastic source of inspiration.  Get tutorial here

14. Make Sweet Music with This Basement Bar Hack

If you’ve got an upright record player that’s gathering dust, we've got a basement bar project for you. With this project from The Bird’s Nest, the stand-out feature is the lid and, importantly, what’s under it. With the turntable space providing a natural recess to store things such as ice and glasses, we think this is a project worth considering.  Get tutorial here

15. Light Up Your Basement Bar

This might be a major building project but we think there’s one feature you can use for your next basement bar. With lighting often being an issue, finding clever ways to add some is imperative. For this garage bar, strip LEDs under the shelves provided extra light and a neat look. Try it when you build your own basement bar! Get tutorial here

16. A Top Basement Bar Countertop

People often forget that the most prominent feature on any basement bar is the countertop. Although plain surfaces are fine, there’s nothing wrong with giving your countertop some character, either. As you can see here, a few coats of acid etch spray can completely transform your bar and give it a fantastic new look and feel.  Get tutorial here

17. Make Boring Bar Stools Pop with Unicorn Spit

A basement bar is useless without somewhere for people to sit. Following this project by Maryrose Alvarado-Therrien, you can make any boring bar stool beautiful with Unicorn Spit paint. With a touch of water and a blend of colors, you can create some truly impressive stools that are every bit as exciting as the drinks on offer at your basement bar.  Get tutorial here