1. Add Family-Friendly Basement Furniture

Basements are great spots for storage but, as Hometalker Naptime Decorator shows, they can be transformed into harmonious spaces where the whole family can hang out. By repainting walls and adding floor lamps, she transformed a dark and gloomy space. Meanwhile, the mustard-colored sofa is large enough for everyone to enjoy movies.  Get tutorial here

2. Build a One-Piece Dining Table

Small basement furniture will transform a space and make it far more attractive. Hometalker Gretchen’s husband and father in law built this sleek and modern dining table from a single piece of plywood in just over a weekend. The tools required included screws, sandpaper, polycyclic, 10 L brackets, and one 3/4″ 4×8 sheet of birch plywood. Get tutorial here

3. Create a Storage Wall to Free Space

This Hometalker started her basement renovation knowing that she wanted lots of storage and display space. So, she measured a 17-foot wall to create a storage and media unit. The bookshelves are spaced to cover the entire wall. To match the rest of the room, she added a shelf liner and batten patterns. Get tutorial here

4. Fun, Sporty, and Elegant Basement Furniture

It took this Hometalker over four years to finish their basement renovation. The wall is made from reclaimed and weathered Stikwood (peel-and-stick real wood) and the Hometalker also used a staple gun to reupholster the ottoman. The homeowners also stained and treated the barn door themselves to finish the look and save money.  Get tutorial here

5. Easy Bench and Storage Pegs

If you’re short on space, a bench provides one of the best basement furniture layout ideas. Here, Mary has transformed a hallway and old bathroom into a bright and functional mudroom. She used scrap wood for the bench and drywall for the closet. By painting it, she ensured that it looks built-in and has a modern finish. Get tutorial here

6. Serve Up Drinks at a Home Bar

To create this beautiful basement bar, Hometalker Sara Bates enlisted the help of a carpenter to source and reclaim live edge wood for the bar top and the shelving. She chose ghost bar stools because they even out the heavy look of the wrought iron and thick wooden bar. Morocco was her inspiration, which is why a quatrefoil trellis holds up the bar. Get tutorial here

7. Add a Vinyl Plank Floor for a Modern Space

Before adding basement furniture, Hometalker Brooke Berry needed to remove her tile flooring. The previous tile flooring felt cold and dark. After removing it with a jackhammer, she installed the vinyl plank floor using a chalk line, rubber mallet, tapping block, and jigsaw to create a fresh and clean space that her kids love.  Get tutorial here

8. Install 1990s Gaming Chairs for Gamers

By using retro small basement furniture pieces, Hometalker Tara transformed her basement from a workout graveyard to a gaming paradise. To create the finished look, she cleared the clutter, finished the ceiling, painted, and put up a half pallet wall. By adding lamps and new lights, she’s created a bright space the family love to spend time in.  Get tutorial here

9. Small Basement Furniture for a Studio

Birdz of a Feather’s husband spent over two years renovating their basement in his spare time. He’s transformed it into a craft studio, a laundry room, and a ‘man cave’ all in one. The studio is the star of the show, with an old filing cabinet resprayed to match a desk lamp and a re-painted and renovated table that’s a great base for projects.  Get tutorial here

10. Build a Geometric Wine Bar

Basement bar furniture is all the rage, and Hometalker Jessica C’s geometric wine bar will give you a luxurious finish. Using an old dresser as the base, she sanded the entirety of the maple structure. To create a graphic design, she used Frog Tape before painting over it and varnishing to seal it.  Get tutorial here

11. Great Basement Furniture to Split Rooms

Basement furniture layout ideas can also be quirky and unique. Take Hometalker Jeanette’s project. She’s in the middle of creating an industrial look-basement and wanted to use furniture to divide the different aspects of the space. This hung window is paired with a vintage mantel that works as an accent piece. The floral rug below it adds a homely feel.  Get tutorial here

12. DIY Basement Bar Furniture

For basement bar furniture ideas, look no further than a wine bar. Meagan created hers by transforming an old dresser. She reconfigured, painted, and added a custom wine rack from stained 1x2 lumber. She went with a two-tone paint them, where the dark wood accents reflect her style. Lastly, she added some chunky ottoman legs to complete the look.  Get tutorial here

13. Industrial Stool Nightstands for Bedrooms

With the right small basement furniture, you can transform a basement bedroom into a cozy hub. Hometalker Ashley used industrial stools to create nightstands that are perfect for a basement bedroom. She even added 1x2 inch furring strips to create a handy shelf that doubles as a serving tray for when guests want to enjoy breakfast in bed.  Get tutorial here

14. Make the Most of Kooky Corners

If your basement has a recessed corner, then it’s a great spot for a basement bar. For her basement bar furniture, Hometalker Andrea used brick paneling sheets, caulk paint, and even made her own floating shelves. The wrought iron barstools overlook the mini-fridge, so it’s easy to see what’s being served.  Get tutorial here

15. Small Basement Furniture Ideas

When transforming a small basement, you need to think about smart furniture. A recycled piano stool can be the perfect base for a coffee table. Painted Therapy made theirs by cutting the legs and adding a thicker top and shelf. A Vaseline technique distressed the paint to give a shabby look and the hinged top provides storage, so it’s two in one. Get tutorial here

16. Chalkboards, Jigsaw Floors, and More

A basement area can easily be transformed into a kids’ playroom. Hometalker Christine renovated her old basement by adding a chalkboard to the wall for kids to scrawl on, a jigsaw floor for non-slip play, and a kids’ size chair for television watching. A baby gate even secures the area so everything’s child-friendly.  Get tutorial here

17. Vintage Desk for a Basement Home Office

This gorgeous desk uses two Singer sewing machine tables as legs. The wrought iron creates a great finish and adds plenty of historic character. The top’s made from 4x4 untreated cedar, with eight 4x4s cut to 59 inches. A vinegar and steel wool treatment give the top color, while three coats of semi-gloss polyurethane add protection. Get tutorial here

18. Basement Furniture for a Great Man Cave

With an electric fireplace, a 50-inch plasma television, and built-in bookcases, Hometalker Terry M transformed her basement into the ultimate media room and man cave. The spotlights provide the perfect down lighting because the room doesn’t have any windows. This means that the space is great for watching movies. Get tutorial here

19. DIY Basement Dining

Hometalker Dixie Delights spent over a year remodeling her basement to create a space for food, drinks, and entertaining. To do this, she added French doors for natural light, installed wall cabinets for storage and even added a beverage center. The dining table and chairs finish the look. Get tutorial here