Any advice on where to purchase a high quality diy toilet rebuild kit or even high quality parts to make my own? I have a good 1.6 gpf Kohler toilet with a leaky flap and a lower quality (I think a Crane) 1.6 gpf toilet with a bad seal between the tank and stool. I have successfully rebuilt toilets in the past but have never been very impressed with the quality of the kits I find at the hardware store - in fact I remember one time I went through three kits in three years on the same toilet just because one part or another went bad. Searching on the internet doesn't seem to help much not a lot of feedback on toilet rebuilds I guess - any thoughts? Please and thank-you to all!

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  • Scott Scott on Mar 30, 2015
    Go to Menards you can order anything you want on the computer

  • Huntington Henry Huntington Henry on Aug 08, 2015
    I'm guessing you are having a problem with leaking flapper and I bet you are putting a toilet cleaner in the water. The cleaner attacks the rubber and causes it to leak.