DIY From Closet to Full Bathroom- Under $2000

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We moved in October to a home with a half finished basement.

Its a great place to have for my parents to stay with a bedroom, living space, kitchen area.. the only thing we were missing was a bathroom.


We have a septic system so adding another bathroom to the house isn’t a simple build so we researched for options that’d be DIY friendly and came across the Saniflo system, which allows for a bathroom to be built without major constructions or breaking concrete floors.

It’s a toilet that has a macerator (think of a garbage disposal) attached to it. So everything that’s flushed is immediately “grinded” and sucked into our existing pipes. You can tap it into any pipes you already have going to main drains.

Since this closet is directly underneath another bathroom we used those existing pipes and installed a bathroom for under $2000.

First we framed the walls, then added the base to the shower.

-the base has to be off the ground by 6in

Then I did the flooring, I chose the Shaw brand from Lowe’s which is 100% waterproof and has underlayment.

My Helper..

After floor was laid down, we started the pipe connections.

The System we got was the Saniaccess 3 that allows for a sink, shower and toilet (comes with the toilet too).

We purchased the sink and base at Home Depot for $89 unfinished.

Here is the toilet, shower base and sink installed.

We put them all in place and waited at least two weeks before closing off the walls, this is not a necessary step but we wanted to have at least 50-100 flushes to make sure nothing was going wrong, no leaks, no backups, all good!

Then we started closing off walls, mudding and painting.

Meanwhile as the drywall dried between coats I painted all of the fixtures, the sink, vanity light and vanity cabinet.

Also ShipLap behind the toilet because if we need access to the system we can simply remove and replace 🤓


Again - not a necessary step but we are not seasoned plumbers and took this route as a precaution.

Let’s slip to revealing this already uh?


I did post all the details and steps on my IG :


It’s a basement bathroom, will be used for guests and minimal use by my parents, but I can’t wait to decorate it.

The two little doors on that wall is our access to the crawlspace - I will paint those doors soon.

Suggested materials:

  • Saniflo Saniaccess 3   (Amazon)
  • Flooring   (Lowe’s)
  • Vanity Base, sink, Shower enclosure   (Home Depot)
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  • William William on Jan 29, 2021

    Bathroom looks great. I guess the toilet system was the most expensive part of the build.

    • Sammy Pampani Sammy Pampani on Jan 29, 2021

      That’s correct, it was $1100 but breaking through concrete with a contractor was going to cost us about 2500.

      We saved by getting the system. :)