How to Begin Cement Board Installation in a Bathroom

Hi Everyone,
As some of you know I've been documenting a bathroom remodel project we're doing at my brother-in-law's house. Today I wanted to share how we began the installation of the cement board in the bathtub recess.
It's a pretty straight forward project but requires some patience. It begins by purchasing the cement board in the correct dimensions for your project (either 5 ft x 3ft or 5 ft x 32 inches). You'll need to then get alkali-resistant screws and joint tape as well as thin-set mortar to embed the tape.
I highly recommend buying or borrowing a impact driver for this project. You'll thank yourself later for doing this.
Make sure to have a friend help you with the placement of the boards since they're somewhat heavy.
For more details and several helpful pictures related to this installation click this link
If you have tips you'd like to share please add them in the comment section. It's great when we all learn from each other :)
Adding Cement Board to the Bathtub Surround

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