How We Completely Overhauled Our Guest Bathroom on a Budget

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We wouldn’t have called our house a ‘fixer upper’ when we moved in, but it was definitely rough around the edges.

The guest bathroom, though, was one of the rooms that gave you that horror-movie-scream sound effect in your head as you walked in and your eyes zoomed in on the gross bathtub, peeling window paint and yellowing white walls.

Here's how for just $500 we turned the biggest eye sore of our house into one of the best looking rooms.

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Pick a paint color

This old, gross white had to go.We picked a moody green color called Muted Sage by Behr for the walls. We wanted a modern vintage kind of feel in there without making it look out of place in the rest of the house.We spray painted the chrome light fixture black with our favorite black spray paint and got new light shades for it to tie us over until the budget allows for a whole new fixture.Speaking of paint, we also updated the weird beige fiberglass tub surround with a white tub and tile paint to freshen it up.Start tiling

This was our first foray into tiling so we started easy with classic subway tile. Since there wasn’t any tile or fiberglass surrounding the shower area to start with, we assume what’s behind the drywall is moisture-proof and just tiled right over it.We chose a dark gray sanded grout to again give a modern vintage kind of feel, and got that done in a day, with sand everywhere. We truly underestimated how much sand is in sanded grout.

Finishing touches

We added a few finishing touches to the room like shelves and we changed the faucet, and then we were done our very first MAJOR room makeover.If you enjoyed this post, make sure to sign up to our weekly newsletter where we share all of our favorite DIY updates.

Suggested materials:

  • Paint
  • Tub and tile
  • Spray paint
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  • MaryAnn MaryAnn on Jan 08, 2021

    Did you install a shower curtain? Or add doors to keep shower water inside the tub?

  • Jlnatty Jlnatty on Jan 08, 2021

    I'm going to be working soon on my bathroom - saw the same idea of painting the current light fixture, will go black like yours, and add new shades to update the look. I love the tile you added. I have a sort of icky beige color small square tile surround in my tub/shower and am wondering if the tub/tile paint will work. Also unsure if I want to use it because every video I've seen where people use a product like that they are wearing what looks like a respirator due to strong fumes from the product. Did you find the product hard to work with?

  • Marie Marie on Jan 26, 2021

    It appears on one of your bathroom make overs that you painted the tile floor a gray/ green color?? What did you use and what is the color please? Can the tub / tile paints be mixed to match or just standard colors? Is the tub or tile floor slippery when wet after painting it? I trying to decide between this or covering the tile with a LVP product. Thank you.


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  • Em Em on Jan 19, 2021

    Very nice. One suggestion. Fill in the gap by the receptacle. Leave a tiny gap from tile to the receptacle and do not fill with grout so the cover can be removed. It looks unfinished and draws your eye to the receptacle cover and not the beautiful wall.

  • Linda Wells Linda Wells on Jun 01, 2021

    Wow...what a difference. Great job. I love it.