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Oh, how I love glueing stuff together!!! I've been looking for an organizer that can contain a lot of stuff, where I can easily access everything, and not having to use my entire bathroom counter to do so... And this is what I cameup with, ALL BY MYSELF!!! Oh, how clever this invention makes me feel... ;-)
Ok, so this is what I started up with... The four cups are actually quite expensive drinking cups, but since I only have 4 of them, I never get to use them much, and it's a shame to just have them standing in the back of my cupboard, so now I gave them new use! The candle holder was a bronze colour, so I spraypainted it silver to match the rest of my stuff. The plate I got at a thrift store, and I loved the fact that it has the dividers in it, so I get 3 "compartments"...
So with my trusty E6000 I glued the plate onto the top of the candle holder...
Then, using the same glue, i started gluing 2 and 2 cups together:
To keep them together while the glue dries, I used these clamps
...and then I glued the two sets together around the base of the candle holder, using the clamps to keep it all in place. I also put some glue underneath them to permanently glue them in place. Then the waiting game starts!
I let them stay like this overnight, and I could hardly wait to take the clamps off to see the final result!!! As I couldn't wait to start using it, I just took what I had in my purse and a few new bits and pieces I bought on my weekend trip to London, and arranged it randomly to see how it looked, and I must say: I've outdone myself this time!!! Ha, ha, I know, I'm a show off, but since I've never seen this done before, I found that I'm allowed to this time... ;-)
So now it can hold my brushes, eyeliners, mascara, lipliners, lipgloss and all that good stuff in the 4 bottom containers, and on top I can put the jewelery I can't be botheres to put in it's place at night, and random things like my EOS...
I love to repurpose stuff, and upcycle, and doing the environment a favour at the same time! The watering can you can see in the background is from IKEA, and I decoupaged the front, and on the back I stamped WATER and added the rest of the text : Save WATER shower together

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  • Patricia  A  Oare Patricia A Oare on Jun 13, 2016
    Would shot glasses be big enough ?

  • Patricia  A  Oare Patricia A Oare on Jun 13, 2016
    Would shot glasses be big enough ?

  • ChattyKathy ChattyKathy on Sep 13, 2017
    You clever girl; bragging allowed when it is as unique and useful, not to mention quite attractive as your invention!
    I have been sorting and cleaning up my makeup and WISHING that I could keep the everyday items out and on top of my double sink vanity without it looking as if all I can find are lucite storage thingies, which look too modern in my "shabby-chic" bathroom. THEN YOU DID THIS!!! THANK YOU!!! I have everything except that glue; the E6000, which I see used a lot for DIY projects. Forgive my ignorance, but what IS it that makes EVERYONE use it and WHERE may I find it?
    After I make mine I will post a photo. Oh wait, I need those clamps too that didn't break your lovely tumblers, where do I find those? I never know if Home Depot or Michaels is the best deal!
    Thank you!


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