How to Make a Simple Bathroom Sink Shelf For Extra Storage

Marcia Socas
by Marcia Socas

If you have a small sink with limited space, you know the struggle of trying to keep everything organized.

A bathroom sink shelf can be a simple and effective solution to maximize your storage.

Follow these steps to build your own!

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Tools and Materials:

  • Wood (sized to your sink area)
  • L-brackets
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw (if you need to cut the wood to size)
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or paint (optional for finishing)

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How to make an over sink shelf for bathroom

1. Measure the Wood

Start by measuring the width of your sink. In my case, I have a small 24-inch wide sink.

Simple bathroom sink shelf construction

Head to the hardware store and pick up wood that matches or can be cut to your desired size.

DIY bathroom organization

Determine how high you want your shelf to be, especially if you have a high faucet. Adjust your measurements to suit your sink and faucet height.

Small bathroom storage solutions

2. Cut the Wood to Size

Cut your wood to the appropriate length.

Easy bathroom shelf DIY

Make sure your cuts are straight for a professional finish. Sand the edges to remove any splinters or rough spots.

Bathroom counter organization

3. Assemble the Shelf

Take the two pieces of wood and attach them using L-brackets.

Space-saving bathroom shelf

To keep the rough edge of the wood from showing on the top, attach the L-bracket underneath the top part of the shelf.

Securing the L-brackets

Secure the L-brackets tightly with screws to ensure stability.

Placing the assembled shelf on the sink

4. Install the Shelf

Place the assembled shelf on your sink.

You can customize your over the sink storage shelf to match your bathroom's decor. Stain or paint the wood to your liking. This step is optional but can enhance the look of the shelf.

More Over The Sink Ideas

Explore this guide on building a Pallet Wood Over Sink Shelf for your kitchen. Perfect for extra storage and a rustic look!

The finished bathroom sink shelf with organized bathroom essentials

Bathroom Sink Shelf Project

Creating a bathroom sink shelf is an easy and effective way to add storage to your small sink area.

With just a few materials and simple steps, you can have a functional and stylish shelf.

Try this project and enjoy your new organized space!

Marcia Socas
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  • Mey112247698 Mey112247698 7 days ago
    This is good so things don’t get knocked over when you’re washing your hands! Also cost effective and doesn’t damage your walls. Thanks:)
  • Vicki McDonald Vicki McDonald 6 days ago
    Nice project! Can you tell me what kind of countertop that is? I love it.