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Invest a few minutes sorting + categorizing all the clutter in your bathroom; what's in the drawers, under the sink, shelves, cabinets and countertops? Group like items together and use appropriate containers to 'cluster' them.
Metropolitan Organizing, NC - Small, plastic, stacks of drawers are perfect for organizing cosmetic-related clutter. Try one under the bathroom sink for various assorted items.
Metropolitan Organizing, NC - Sunscreen, lip balm, nasal spray, and anti-bacterial ointment are just a few things that most families have sitting on countertops or scattered randomly around the house.
Metropolitan Organizing, NC - Squeaky-clean, glass apothecary jars are one way to categorize and display soaps, cotton pads, makeup wedges, Q-tips and other bathroom essentials.
Metropolitan Organizing, NC - Tiny treasures like pewter baby cups or silver mint julep cups are sized just-right for stashing tweezers, hair bands, samples of cologne and spools of dental floss in drawers and cabinets.
Metropolitan Organizing, NC - Woven baskets with lids and small novelty purses can be used for storing personal items in the bathroom.

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  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Jul 22, 2015
    I use the cloth shoe holders that you hang to separate all my goodies the mesh ones work best. You can see the stuff.
  • Sharon Huneycutt Harris Sharon Huneycutt Harris on Oct 09, 2015
    I love your ideas here. But none of it works if it stays dusty. So having stuff on the counters in the bathroom needs to be at a minimum if possible because it gets dusty fast. With hairspray, powder, makeup, and dust from the breakdown of fabrics (towels especially), a bathroom is one of those places that gets dusty real fast. For baskets, I make sure they are something that can be put in the tub and rinsed off or even using a gentle brush with a little Murphy's oil soap. That wouldn't work well on a basket purse that has a lining that can't be removed. I love the look of the large glass jars but they can be a little hard to handle to wash in a small bathroom sink. Just some practicalities. I'm blessed with plenty of cabinet and drawer storage so I use it to keep things dust free and only put stuff on the countertops that's easy to keep clean. I use the plastic drawer storage for a lot of stuff and keep them in my cabinets.