Rotating Lipstick Tower / Dollar Store DIY

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30 Minutes
I am a Lover of Lipsticks, and wanted to come up with a way for me to store over 100 Lipsticks/Lipgloss in one station. I also wanted to save money so i took a trip to the Dollar store and found items that i would Repurpose to come up with this Awesome DIY that cost around than $10.00 to make.
To see the whole process, check out the video above. Make sure to add your own touches such as paint, Bling and more. The possibilities are endless =)
I started with 2 of these Lazy Susan's that you find at Dollar Tree, if you can not find those you can always create a lazy susan device which i will show you below.
To create a Lazy Susan you take 2 cake pans and a bag of marbles,all purchased from Dollar Tree and you pour the marbles in 1 pan and then set the second pan on top of that.You find find that it rotates nice and smoothly. If you do this method to make the tower, you will need to add a flat plate on top of the cake pan to have a flat surface to build your Tower on.
This is the container that was used to create separate compartments. I emptied the items, removed the closure flap and added a few Rhinestone bling strips and that was it. Everything was secured with some good ole E600 glue that you can find at Michaels. All Details are shown in the video above.

If you enjoyed this simple DIY, Please check out my Youtube Channel -

Thank you so much for watching/ reading!!!

Suggested materials:
  • Lazy Susan   (Dollar Tree)
  • Cake pans   (Dollar Tree)
  • Marbles   (Dollar Tree)
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