1. Turn Boring Storage into a Beautiful Feature

If you’re in need of a new medicine cabinet, you might be surprised to discover how expensive they can be. Faced with this dilemma, Hometalker Heather made her own, transforming an old desk hutch that she picked up for $11 into this gorgeous addition to her bathroom. All it took was a quick clean, some liquid deglosser, and a new coat of paint! Get tutorial here

2. Create a Cabinet from an Old Clock

If you’d like a truly original feature for your home, don’t be afraid to think outside the box, like this ingenious Hometalker. Transforming an old replica clock into this pretty and practical medicine cabinet, she removed its mechanisms, added some paint, and created a unique and stylish addition to her interior styling. Upcycling at its finest!  Get tutorial here

3. Use Empty Space to Build Bathroom Medicine Cabinets from Scratch

If you’re planning on making your own medicine cabinet from scratch, ask yourself whether you have an empty space you can take advantage of. Realizing her bathroom was too small to fit any additional storage, this innovative Hometalker did exactly that, and the result is amazing. All it took was a saw, piano hinges, and some repurposed wood.  Get tutorial here

4. Add a Coat of Paint for a Perfectly On-Trend Medicine Cabinet

Tasked with turning this mirrored cabinet into a stylish addition to her sister’s newly refurbished bathroom, this Hometalker knew just what to do! After lightly sanding the parts she planned to paint, she added masking tape to keep her edges clean, applied a couple of coats of pale grey, and finished with a generous application of wax to create this on-trend aesthetic.    Get tutorial here

5. Turn Bleak to Chic with a Touch of Pink

One big problem with medicine cabinets is that they’re prone to staining, because of both the damp bathroom conditions they’re kept in and their contents. However, this can be simply solved, as this ingenious project proves. With the help of some ultra-matte chalk paint in pink, this Hometalker turned her internal shelves into a pretty backdrop to be proud of.    Get tutorial here

6. Take Advantage of Chalk Paint to Transform a Rustic Cabinet

Peeling paintwork instantly makes fixtures and fittings look tired and unloved, but luckily, it can easily be remedied with a fresh coat of chalk paint. Hometalker Zee demonstrates how it’s done, using a palette of green and pink plus a pewter glaze to create this sweet, shabby-chic look. Get tutorial here

7. Paint and Decorate for Pretty Vintage Style

A retro aesthetic is hugely on-trend, and this Hometalker offers a perfect example of just how good it can look. Taking a project piece that she purchased for just $10, she spent only three hours on creating a new color palette, adding a painted wooden panel, and installing some vinyl brackets to completely transform its appearance.   Get tutorial here

8. Use Contact Paper to Create a Chic and Stylish Backdrop

The best kind of transformation is one that can be achieved on a budget, and Hometalker Ann managed the amazing feat of spending just $2 to create this chic and stylish look. Realizing that moisture from the cupboard’s contents would soon take a toll on her cabinet’s interior, she went to her local dollar store and purchased some contact paper to craft this gorgeous design.  Get tutorial here

10. Turn Outdated into On Trend with Shabby Chic Accents

Medicine cabinets can be structurally solid but criminally outdated, as Hometalker Sonja Oswald discovered. Determined to transform her existing fixture into something fabulous, she replaced her medicine cabinet mirror with wire, coated it in chalk paint, distressed it, and finally added this adorable metal hardware. The end result is chic, stylish, and gorgeously on-trend!  Get tutorial here

11. Try Glass Etching to Add Some Classy Character

Cleaning and painting can make a huge difference to tired and dated furnishings, but sometimes the end result still isn’t as unique and original as you would like it to be. If this is the case, follow in the footsteps of Hometalker Adina and use glass etching to add character. You’ll find that the outcome is fashion-forward and functional too! Get tutorial here

12. Use Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper to Create This Pretty Look

If your medicine cabinet is doing little to enhance the aesthetic of your bathroom, another easy way to improve it is by adding some peel and stick wallpaper to its interior. Costing Hometalker Haeley just $20, this fun and simple makeover took her bathroom cupboards from drab to dazzling in the space of an hour! Get tutorial here

13. Sand, Prime, and Spray to Solve Water Damage

Because of their unique internal conditions, medicine cabinets are highly prone to water damage. It’s common to have patches of peeling paint inside, making them look drab and dirty, but there’s a simple solution! Hometalker Matthew shows how it’s done, sanding, priming, and spraying with Rustoleum to create this smart look, while also keeping reoccurrences at bay. Get tutorial here

14. Add a Medicine Cabinet Mirror for Chic and Stylish Storage

One problem with smaller bathrooms is that it can be difficult to fit all of the furnishings you need. If this is an issue you’ve run into, an easy solution is to add a mirrored medicine cabinet to merge these two vital elements into one. Not only do these look chic and stylish, as demonstrated by this Hometalker’s design, but they’re highly practical too! Get tutorial here

15. Use Stylish Jute Strands for Extra Security

A common problem with medicine cabinets is that nothing stays quite where it’s supposed to! Lots of people find that every time they open the door, their items all spill out. But this clever Hometalker came up with an ingenious solution: add a few strands of jute. The end result is stylish, practical, and perfectly addresses the issue at hand.  Get tutorial here

16. Repurpose and Recycle for a Unique Look

In order to create an on-trend look that’s both out there and original, it pays to think outside the box, as this Hometalker demonstrates. Using old printer’s trays and hinges, he crafted entirely new doors for his medicine cabinet and created this cool, one-of-a-kind aesthetic at the same time.   Get tutorial here

17. Add Some New and Interesting Accents

If you want to create an individual aesthetic in your home, the sky is the limit. There are so many items you can use to put your own stamp on your home, like the amazing vintage yardsticks pictured here. Used to edge this Hometalker’s new-and-improved medicine cabinet, they add a retro element that really sets her styling apart. Get tutorial here

18. Turn an Old Cupboard into a Pet Medicine Cabinet

It’s not only your human family members who sometimes need looking after. Pets also have plenty of first aid essentials that have to be stored in your home, as this Hometalker realized. Taking an old cupboard, she sanded it down, freshened it up with a couple of coats of paint, waxed, and added graphics to create this stylish finish. Get tutorial here