Best , inexpensive bathroom flooring


I’ve had a new tray shower installed but I need new flooring, vanity, toilet and paint. I’m on a fixed income and I don’t have much money to spend on this project. I want to be sure the flooring I chose is the best, low maintenance flooring for this small master bath but won’t cost a lot.

Thanks in in advance for your advice.

Linda D.

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  • Probably the least-expensive, low-maintenance flooring would be sheet vinyl. They have some beautiful ones now...go to your local home improvement store and see what's available. As far as the rest is concerned, check with your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. You can get fixtures, paint, even flooring at a discounted price. Good luck with your project, Linda!

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Aug 22, 2018

    You can't beat sheet vinyl for value, durability and ease of installation. There are some new designs out there that mimic tile or wood. Check for bolt ends, too, for even bigger savings

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Aug 22, 2018

    Linda, it would help if you told us what your total budget is for this project since all of the items you want have a wide range of prices.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Aug 22, 2018


    Your best bet is tile. If you pick one of those newer ones that comes in small pieces, it will be easier to replace any that get cracked over time. We moved into our house in 1970 with such tile and it and it's color is back in style!!! Never had one break.

    They actually come on a webbing that goes down in large squares. Use silicon calking around the tile where it meets the shower.

    I would suggest for a small bath you pick something light (maybe white) and use a dark charcoal or black grout...why? Because over time there will be a dark charcoal walk pattern, making the floor always appear dirty.

    Look for a Habitat of the Humanities "Restore" close to you. They have great deals on small amounts of tile and bathroom fixtures, cabinets, etc.

    We want to see photos!!!

  • Linda Gilson Duricek Linda Gilson Duricek on Aug 22, 2018

    Thanks Jeanette. I like the small tiles. I have a Restore about a mile away. I’ve bought other things from there but haven’t checked their flooring or vanities. I think I’ll do that today. Thanks for the advice!