Do I really need to hire a plumber to remove a jet tub?

Have a jet tub in the corner of my bedroom that I want gone! Hubby says, we need to hire a plumber. Can't we just shut off the water (already done), and cap off the pipes?

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  • Delle Delle on Jul 23, 2018
    I just took a look at my own jetted tub and thought about removing it. Your situation could be different, but the plumbing is complex for any such tub. I don't think I'd try it.

  • William William on Jul 23, 2018

    Yes you can. Disconnect all connections from the supply lines and cap off the pipes. Then just cut the tub in pieces to make it easier to remove. Once removed you can decide how to finish the area. Finally you can eliminate the visible pipes by disconnecting them from the main supply and either cap or plug the connections.

  • Macysmom Macysmom on Jul 23, 2018
    Of course you can! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! If you get into it and you are lost, that is the time to call a plumber. They are super expensive and it is worthwhile to give it a try.