Does anyone have any ideas how to update a 60's medicine cabinet?

Sandra Ajhar
by Sandra Ajhar
We are updating our bathroom and are wondering if this can be salvaged or if we should simply replace it. It's in decent, not great shape. Can the mirror finish on the edges be restored?
Sliding door medicine cabinet has two mirror sections that slide on tracks
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  • Karen Karen on Feb 02, 2015
    We have the same one :) I have not done it yet but I thought about taking it down and spray painting it with the Rustoleum speckled paint and then changing the doors to smoked glass.
    • Shel Shel on Mar 14, 2019

      I'm typing to replace mine!😁 And I'm having a hard time finding replacement parts. Anyone want to help me out on replacing the cosmetic medicine box

  • Maryellen Eldredge Maryellen Eldredge on Feb 02, 2015
    a glass company can help you
  • CraftingSociety CraftingSociety on Feb 02, 2015
    I might frame out the mirrors (both wall and cabinet) with a frame that suits your bathroom style and taste (maybe white, if you're keeping the same blush-colored tile and sink). Then I might bring the shelf out a bit with a wooden shelf to extend it so you have a bit more of a ledge. If you want to lose the mirrored sliding doors, you can replace them with frosted glass so you don't have to see what's inside, but you don't have to lose the mirrors, either. I actually don't have a problem with the mirrored cabinet. I might just change the pulls to something different. I like anything that's designed for storage, and mirrors make a space larger. And it seems to be in good shape from what I can see. I'd just like a wider ledge on top, which would, by default, hide it a bit. Good luck!
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    • Shel Shel on Mar 14, 2019

      I'm typing to replace mine!😁 And I'm having a hard time finding replacement parts. Anyone want to help me out on replacing the cosmetic medicine box

  • Tracy Tracy on Feb 02, 2015
    If you are updating I would definitely remove it all. There are so many great decorative mirrors out there for not much money. I would first remove mirror and medicine cabinet, wallpaper and everything decorative like window treatments and light fixtures. Once down to the "bones" of the bathroom then decide how far you want to go. I have seen the blush tile left on the walls and just a new countertop with sink installed, painted vanity and walls and it looked awesome! Amazing what paint, new shower curtain, window treatments, and sink and faucet can do. I always try minimal first and then if still hate - go BIG.
  • Bev Bev on Feb 02, 2015
    You could wall paper it and frame out the mirror above.
  • Susan Davis Susan Davis on Feb 02, 2015
    In looking at your pictures I can see that your medicine cabinet was installed before the tile work was done. Removing it will mean you will probably have to do tile repair or replacement so I would take that into account before making a decision about renovation. If that wouldn't be a budget buster then I would suggest taking the mirror and cabinet down and replacing both rather than trying to rework what you have.
  • Christina Christina on Feb 02, 2015
    When you take out the cabinet, if you do it carefully, you could probably sell it to someone doing a retro remodel. If the mirror above is not glued to the wall, you could re-use it if it meets your needs size wise. A glass company can cut it and even change the shape if desired. Some also do framing. However, because you will probably miss the storage space, you should look into putting in a built in medicine cabinet. There may be plumbing behind the mirror so have a pro check it for you.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Feb 03, 2015
    Looks cool! ... and very functional, as well. You could replace the mirrors - there are companies that do this. If the chrome is damaged, you could get it re-chromed or spray it wilh a metal paint. You could also add a chrome strip or whatever colour you decide around your mirror so it looks like a whole unit. I'd go with a modern/retro style. Give the room a paint or wallpaper redo, maybe change out your shower curtain, etc. Lots of mod or retro patterns out there to choose from. Stainless waste basket, etc. Cheaper than possible tile replacement, etc.
  • Denise Rankin Denise Rankin on Feb 03, 2015
    I will take this cabinet if you do decide to remove it! Your cabinet is in much better condition than the one in my bathroom! You have both doors. If you do keep it a simple change of the knobs will update the piece.
    • Sandra Ajhar Sandra Ajhar on Feb 09, 2015
      We will likely remove it simply because it doesn't go well with the new sink and vanity. May post it to Craig's list so let me know if you're really interested! Thanks.
  • Carole Carlson Carole Carlson on Feb 03, 2015
    I too think framing the whole thing with wood painted white, top as well would up date it. If the toilet is to the right hand side, what about extending another shelf from the "bottom" of the cabinet over the toilet, sort a step down affect and functional too. I also would frame the large mirror in a wider molding type of wood that will tie both together. Very contemporary fix, inexpensive and if the vanity could be painted white there you go. Color to be added with towels shower curtain etc. Have fun. Lepage 100% glue is the one to use. I did a floating mirror affect on my builders grade vanity mirror and used that glue, magical.
  • Ltt834476 Ltt834476 on Feb 13, 2015
    I would frame above the medicine cabinet to place a large mirror over the medicine cabinet so it's flush. And then change out the pulls on medicine cabinet to some shabby chic crystal knobs.
  • Latrichia Dawn Latrichia Dawn on Oct 23, 2015
    We have almost the same one in my house we actually have 2 of them. I kinda like them but want to reuse them somewhere other then the bathroom. What did you end up doing with it?
  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 06, 2017

    I polished it and lined the inside with contact paper and gave it New life...

  • Deb K Deb K on Oct 05, 2023

    Hi Sandra, hope this helps you out. I would paint it with chalk paint and put a nice peel and stick on the mirrored doors. You can make it look modern. You can paint or line the inside of it as well.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 06, 2023

    Try using WD-40 to remove any rust!

  • Sandra Ajhar Sandra Ajhar on Oct 06, 2023

    thanks to all for the advise and for taking the time to respond!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Mar 23, 2024

    I was thinking of putting a pretty film over the sliding doors and framing the big mirror.