Can I use acrylic paint to paint my bathroom door?

Sandy Blevins
by Sandy Blevins
Iwant to paint my bathroom door like an outhouse door.
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  • Sandy Blevins Sandy Blevins on Feb 05, 2015
    it is painted
    • Christina Christina on Feb 05, 2015
      @Sandy Blevins What type of acrylic paint do you want to paint it with? You should paint it with acrylic latex enamel paint that you would find at Lowes or Home Depot as well as others. The sheen can be gloss or semi'gloss or satin. Don't use flat. The instructions on the back of the can will tell you what the prep steps are.
  • Barbara Barbara on Feb 05, 2015
    You can paint it with acrylic's but you have to seal it after you have painted your design on it. That door usually gets used the most so make sure to seal it with at least 2 coats or more of a sealer.
  • use a little steel wool to rough up the paint that's already on it. No need to strip it unless the current paint is in bad shape, but you want to take off the sheen, so that your new paint has something to grab onto. I would also recommend a semi gloss or gloss paint, as it will repel moisture much better than flat or eggshell finish. I haven't ever sealed a door after painting it, but Barbara's idea to seal it might be a good one if you have excess moisture issues in the bathroom also. Good luck!
  • Linda Linda on Feb 08, 2015
  • Barb Burnham Barb Burnham on Feb 10, 2015
    Why are you distinguishing between "acrylic" and "acrylic latex"?. They are different. "Acrylic" paint is thought of most often in the little round craft paint bottles aisle at craft stores. I do assume you do not mean that paint, but want to clarify. If you mean "acrylic latex", most commonly simply refer ed to as "latex" paint, the answer is yes, you can and should use that type of paint. No prep is necessary unless door is not already primed. Recommend semi-gloss or high gloss sheen.
  • Sandy Blevins Sandy Blevins on Feb 24, 2015
    thanks for all your responses they helped