What color of granite should I order for my bathroom?

My floor will be birch wood look porcelains, tiles for wall will be light creamy beige with very light veins of gray ( Porcelain) cabinet will be painted soft white and little wall left will be soft blue gray. What color should you guys reccended me to choose for my countertop ?

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  • Are you ordering from a big box store or are you walking through real stone yards?

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    • Yes they are! Plus you see the entire slab before purchasing, not some tiny square at a big box store. It all depends what look you are trying to achieve. You can go dark to have contrast and make a statement, or go neutral to keep it clean, bright and classic. Let the style of your home decide for you. Traditional? Modern? Rustic? If it were me, I might choose something light that has creams, beiges, grays in it to contrast with the walls and other finishes. Get a sample to take home to check with your other finishes and lighting in the space it will be located. Lighting in a stoneyard is drastically different than in your own home.

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Jan 19, 2019

    I might go for a gray tone. Get color chips from supplier and check them next to other color chips.