What is the best product to use to re-finish the interior of a clawfoot tub?

I went to Home Depot and asked, but they only had a kit which they didn't recommend if I was going to use the tub. I've been searching the internet, but can't find anything specific. The tub is in decent condition, no big dings or chips, I just want to return it to it's original glory. Thanks!
q what is the best product to use to re finish the interior of a clawfoot tub, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, Outside
q what is the best product to use to re finish the interior of a clawfoot tub, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, Inside of claw foot tub
Inside of claw foot tub
q what is the best product to use to re finish the interior of a clawfoot tub, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, Inside of clawfoot tub
Inside of clawfoot tub
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  • Elisa, if this is a tub that your planning to use on a regular basis, I suggest that you get the tub professionally refinished. Not only are the materials used better then your going to find in any over the counter kit sold to the public, the methods used to prepare the tub as well as install the finish are such that they are not something that the average home owner can do on their own. Before you begin this process, be sure that the drain, and tub faucets etc are available if your planning to change. The reason I say this is that most plumbing supplies do not stock or have available for order the special size parts used in these older tubs. The drain is not something like a new tub that is over the counter, nor is the faucets that look the same at the big box stores fit due to slight changes in hole dimensions which are smaller then what is commercially available today. So before you do the finish work, get the parts that fit the tub first. Then get a pro if you want the tub finish to last.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Sep 14, 2012
    I would spend the extra money and have this professionally done...one company I have used is Miracle Method. http://www.miraclemethod.com/ The have franchise locations all over the country. The trick to a good long lasting finish is the prep, these guys use a special chemical cleaning / bonding agent in addition to some epoxy type paint. Its the best thing next to a baked on enamel finish. I have used some heavy duty appliance paint with so so results....I may give the rustolem kit a shot when we turn over our rental next month...it is an epoxy based system that requires a respirator etc.

  • I think I am inclined to agree with you both about getting it professionally done. I've researched all the products I could find that are supposedly made just for this project, but none have stellar recommendations across the board. I've called a few people, but haven't had luck yet. I did look at the website you gave me, KMS Woodworks, but they don't have anyone in my area. Thank you though! Woodbridge - I am looking online for parts, as I can't find anything locally. I will ask my plumber to verify I am ordering the right parts. Thanks!

  • I am normally a DIY'r but I agree this is something that you get professionally done! It will hold up much better when finished professionally!

  • We ended up using a two part macro-epoxy from Sherwin Williams for the bottom of the tub. It was pretty simple to apply, and looks fabulous. The inside we got a professional to come out and spray. It turned out great. You can check out the almost completed (except for the "jewelry") bathroom here... http://apinterestaddict.com/2012/10/23/master-bathroom-reveal-finally/

  • Janet atkinson Janet atkinson on Mar 16, 2015
    If this is just a topical rust stain on the interior of yhe tub I would suggest this powder cleanser called Bar Keepers Friend or another one if you can find it called Zud. Both are the best things I have ever used to remove rust stains, just a bit of scrubbing it might come out, not to mention how inexpensive they are.

  • Mbierystone Mbierystone on Apr 28, 2016
    buy a box of denture tabs. fill tub with hot water. empty the box of denture tabs into the hot water and it will clean itself. use a brush diped in the water to get to the top where water doesn't reach.

  • Robin Sennings Robin Sennings on Sep 26, 2016
    Use some whink rust stain remover from local hardware store. Then use soft scrub with bleach to remove other stains. Good luck😉