Asked on Jan 26, 2017

What's the best way to glue glass tiles on a bathroom mirror?

Cori Widen
by Cori Widen
I want to make a border around our bathroom mirror with glass tiles. We rent, so if I use something permanent I'll ask the landlord for permission - and if there is something that won't damage the mirror permanently, even better. What glue would you suggest? How about E600?

This is the mirror, and I'd glue tiles from the indentation toward the edge - we need color in there, and you can see below that there is one damaged, ugly spot that I'd like to cover without replacing the mirror.
Thanks, Hometalkers! :)
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 26, 2017

    You can try using silicon caulk, you will have to use a razer blade to get it off but it will come off clean and it will not take the paint off.

    I'm excited to see how it comes out!! Great idea!

  • Pam Gray Pam Gray on Jan 26, 2017

    I've done this on many surfaces and I use Loctite Power Grab. Comes in Clear or white, indoors or outdoors. Easy to do.

  • Diane Diane on Jan 27, 2017

    I've seen people make frames (i.e. Big picture frames) to cover this situation and attach with Velcro.

  • Millie Millie on Jan 27, 2017

    I might do that mirror in a Mercury glass treatment. It would look so vintage.

    There are many websites that show how to do Faux Mercury glass and it's not too difficult.

  • Locktite makes a mirror and tile adhesive. I used it to clue the moulding around my builder grade mirror and it worked beautifully. Found mine in the caulking section at HD.

  • Sl64 Sl64 on Jan 28, 2017

    Clear silicone caulk works great for this. It's very easy to work with and easy to remove. I've done this on mirrors several times.

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jan 28, 2017

    This is awesome, thank you everyone! Plan to do it this week and I will report back :)

  • Millie Millie on Jan 28, 2017

    Glad you liked the idea and you could make matching accessories using that idea too. Have fun.

  • One Crazy Lady One Crazy Lady on Jan 29, 2017

    Only thing I can add is don't use hot glue. I tried it and the glass beads kept falling off. I'm going to try clear silicon now. Ta

    • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jan 30, 2017

      I plan to do mine this week with silicon, so let's compare notes! :)

  • Gerry Gerry on Jan 30, 2017

    I used E6000 on my bathroom mirror to cover those black spots. Used a blue flat backed glass pebble. it was permanent.

  • Jodie White Jodie White on Jan 31, 2017

    Something that came to my mind was when I decorated a window (same can be done with a mirror) with that fake stained glass paint. If you are very, very careful, it looks really pretty. A second choice, depending on the size of the mirror of course, would be to add a frame around it!

  • Eloise Eloise on Jan 31, 2017

    Have you searched Hometalk's website? Here's one I found under Projects when I typed in "glue tiles to mirror".

  • Gra9185367 Gra9185367 on Jan 31, 2017

    Hot glue works... at Christmas I glue stars on a mirror above the fireplace to be a part of the nativity. They come off without much effort.

  • Darlene Mulligan Darlene Mulligan on Jan 31, 2017

    Absolutely go with the clear silicone to adhere any trim (mirrors, glass or wood trim). Also apply a bead along the inside edges between the trim and the base mirror, to prevent moisture getting in behind (mould alert!!!) Easy to remove if you have to, make it even easier to warm the silicone with your blow dryer!

  • Annabelle Annabelle on Feb 01, 2017

    I'd suggest covering the mirror area with clear, frosted* Contact paper, then glue the pebbles to that. I use Weldbond, - because it is water-proof when dry, and you specified this was a bathroom application ... But I use Weldbond for EVERYTHING. It is an amazing product, and dries clear, and does not yellow. When you move, you should be able to lift the Contact paper off. *The frosted texture will allow the glue to grab.

  • Shaley Shaley on Feb 02, 2017

    Have you thought about taking the mirror down turning it over and applying some mirror spray paint to fix the spot where the mirror finish wore off on the back first?

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Feb 04, 2017

    I think that you get the glass tiles cut them in equal widths and use velcro to hold them in place. I would be more worried about stain, could it be black mold? I could be water damage to mirror as well,though.

  • Mary Mary on Feb 05, 2017

    I would put wooden trim around it. Like a picture frame. wainscoting trim is cheaper than picture framing but there is a ton of trim to look at. Tack it up, paint it, remove when you move and no damage. You could just ask the landlord if you could do something permanent. You could paint a latex fake border, when you are done wash it off.

  • Shaley Shaley on Feb 05, 2017

    No I haven't, But I do know some people who have done it and it works pretty good.

  • Shaley Shaley on Feb 06, 2017

    some people I know have and it looked fine after. all old mirrors will have the date on the back of the glass part.

  • Irene Irene on Feb 08, 2017

    You can buy framing kits for framing bathroom mirrors. I found some on ebay, but I have decided to go with fake stained glass contact paper in a geometric pattern with colors that match my accessories (shades of aqua and brown). Saw one on Hometalk recently where they grouted in broken pieces of glass squared up with the outside edge of the frame but freeformed around the inside edge. It was gorgeous, but I'm not that talented.

  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Nov 03, 2021

    I have used Loctite PL 530 to attach tiles to a mirror.