How do I get a countertop with a bowl sink?


I want to just replace the countertops with bowl sinks and faucets in my bathrooms but leave the existing cabinets. Are these sold as one piece? Can I do it myself?

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  • Joan Johnston Joan Johnston on Jan 06, 2019

    Look for long antique looking dresser to set bowl sinks on...take out top one or two shelves on each side for plumbling...

  • Yes, you can buy them at places like Home Depot or Lowes.

  • Gk Gk on Jan 06, 2019

    Yes Terri, you can find bathroom countertops at big home improvement stores like Menards, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Make sure you measure your existing vanities because the counter tops vary in width and depth. You will have to unhook your plumbing to remove the old countertop. Once you do that, lifting off the countertop is usually easy and installing new is just as simple. Make sure you have the right products to install your fixtures. Usually the bowl sinks and countertops are separate pieces.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Jan 06, 2019

    You usually buy the bowls by themselves.

  • Ellis Ellis on Jan 06, 2019

    I had this done by a countertop store, and it wasn't very expensive, considering that I got to choose exactly what countertop material I wanted to use. If you're not satisfied with what you see at the big box stores, check with dealers that fabricate/install countertops.