1. Add PVC Box Trim to Your Tub

No need for power tools or a huge budget; for just under $10 and an hour of your time, you can elevate the look of your bathtub with trim.

With only six materials required, this project is accessible to everyone. Kelsey's expert tip on cutting the trim at a 45-degree angle ensures a flawless finish, and you can even use scissors or a utility knife for this part.

Kelsey's step-by-step guide, complete with helpful tips, makes it easy for anyone to create a polished and seamless look.  Get tutorial here

2. Sponge Paint an Accent Wall

Embrace the beauty of simplicity with Ashleigh Sommer's "Sponge Accent Wall" project.

Transform a plain bathroom wall into a stunning accent in no time at all. With just a sponge and some paint, she creates a unique and budget-friendly wallpaper-like effect.

Add charm and elegance to your bathroom with this creative DIY project! Get tutorial here

3. Install Hexagon Floor Tile

Welcome to Sunny Side Design's beginner's guide on "How To Install a Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile."

Join their One Room Challenge journey as they transform their bathroom with a stunning coastal-inspired makeover. Learn from their experiences and expert tips on tile installation, leveling, and grouting.

Embrace the process, take on the challenge, and create a beautiful bathroom that reflects your unique style and creativity. You got this! Get tutorial here

4. Build a Skinny Slat Ceiling

Embark on an exciting home improvement journey with Abbbclark_Homeee's bathroom ceiling transformation!

Follow her step-by-step guide and discover her helpful tips and tricks to breeze through the process effortlessly. From determining the number of wood slats needed to using an orbital sander for a smooth finish, you'll gain valuable insights for a successful project.

With this creative ceiling treatment, you can achieve a statement-worthy space that exudes charm and character. Get tutorial here

5. DIY Sliding Barn Doors With Mirrored Glass

This simple and affordable project turns plain hollow core doors into stunning sliding barn doors with a touch of elegance. 

Follow Lia's simple guide to add mirrors and trim details, making your room look larger and brighter.

These exquisite sliding barn doors not only add style and charm to your home but also serve as the perfect entry into a bathroom. Get tutorial here

6. Create a Rustic Concrete Bathroom Vanity

With just four materials and a touch of advanced DIY skills, Malan Heyns crafted a stylish yet rugged concrete vanity top.

Learn how he created the mold, poured the concrete, and achieved a modern look. Pairing it with a beautiful wood vanity, his bathroom now boasts a stunning and unique centerpiece.

Embrace the modern simplicity and get ready to revamp your bathroom with this inspiring DIY project! Get tutorial here

7. DIY A River Rock Bathroom Counter

Adding an artsy touch to her rustic half bath, homeowner, Eileen, creates a unique river rock vanity top and a glass vessel sink.

Share in her creative process, including making a custom wood tray to hold the stones. The end result is a rainforest-inspired bathroom that perfectly complements her open-house plan.

Let Eileen's creativity inspire your own bathroom makeover! Get tutorial here

8. Build Floating Farmhouse Shelves

Learn how to create beautiful farmhouse-style floating shelves for extra bathroom storage in just 2 hours!

Chelsea from Making Manzanita shares her simple guide to building these stylish shelves that add charm and functionality to any bathroom. With simple tools and materials, you can achieve that rustic look and finally have the storage space you need.

Get ready to transform your bathroom with this fun and budget-friendly DIY project! Get tutorial here

9. Make and Install Pretty Brass Light Fixtures

Transform your bathroom with DIY brass light fixtures! Follow Renee Coleman Roberson's easy guide to revamp your space in no time.

Create modern and classy sconces with patterned aluminum and metallic spray paint, and add a touch of elegance with mirrored sheets.

Upgrade your home with this cost-effective and fun project. Get tutorial here

10. Craft a Gorgeous Epoxy Countertop

Join Amber from Elk Island Rustics as she takes you through the process of creating a stunning and affordable epoxy countertop for your bathroom.

With just a few materials and some DIY skills, you can transform your space without breaking the bank. From cutting and priming the MDF to mixing and pouring the epoxy, Amber's easy-to-follow guide will have you admiring your beautiful creation in no time.

Don't hesitate to try this fun project and add a touch of elegance to your home! Get tutorial here

11. Create a Mosaic Masterpiece

Discover Alicia W's enchanting bathroom wall transformation where she skillfully incorporates a hand-drawn seaweed pattern using mastic and vibrant green gems.

With just a few affordable materials and her artistic touch, Alicia transforms her bathroom wall into a stunning mosaic masterpiece. 

Let her inspiring DIY journey encourage you to explore budget-friendly and imaginative home renovations! Get tutorial here

12. Add Whimsical Wallpaper

Step into Laura Burkhalter's delightful bathroom makeover, where she adds charm and style on a budget!

With DIY prowess, she installs board and batten, paints the vanity and faucet, and adds peachy decals for a whimsical touch.

Witness her creative transformation using cost-effective materials, turning a plain bathroom into a stunning sanctuary that radiates warmth and elegance. Get tutorial here