Sharing the process of my own Master Bath Remodel!

My husband is a jack of all trades.. this go around he added another! While the first pictures look pretty good, note this room received some upgrades about 8 years ago which include: faux painting, changed spot over tub to chandelier (repurposed from our foyer), framed mirrors and individual light bars and a hand held shower.
An ongoing leak near the shower wall has forced our hand to remodel and pull out all the tile. So this remodel is being done conservatively because we do not plan to stay in the house more than 3-5yrs.
NOTE CAPTIONS below the pictures.. there is a story to tell and lessons learned along the way! I still have some out siding decisions (as of 12/30 tile is close to being done). My desire is to enjoy this space, but more importantly make it resale friendly! Photos are going to come in stages...
BEFORE: vanities rec'd upgrade of new mirrors/lights a few years back
BEFORE: corner tub (plan to reuse)
BEFORE: Above shower (hoping to keep faux ceiling only)
BEFORE: chandelier was repurposed from foyer a few years back. It was brass, we spray painted the frame (it replaced a spot light)
BEFORE: Door to toilet closet (its behind you when you stand at the sinks)
BEFORE: Mirror is going... tub reusing
BEFORE Shower. Lovely 4x4 glazed tile with mud caps and solid brass still going strong. ugh.
BEFORE Vanities: Mirrors/Lights are new, will reuse along with the cultured marble top
Adjoining MASTER BEDROOM: Showing this for consideration of paint colors! The heavy drapes are gone, plan to get light panels. Walls need to be painted, hope to keep faux on angle part of faux only (hides many flaws)
DEMO of shower
DEMO of shower .. water leak damage not surprising. Subfloor will need to be replaced in this area. We had several repairs of drywall below, it was a slow leak over 20 years!
DEMO shower. I have to say I was shocked they used drywall behind the tile in the WET areas, yet went to the effort to use a strip of cement board along the outside edges. Short cuts. sheez.
DEMO - I had hoped to keep the vanities, but after pulling up the carpet it looks like we have another problem. Note the date marks on the sub floor :( Confuses me because there is no leak inside the vanity and the water lines come from the floor.
My husband getting dirty.. found the problem, note the drain line in the wall. The left vanity drained into the right vanity.
Outside wall: See the nail going thru that stud? Note the missing drain line. The reason this has only been a problem for the last 8 yrs has been since I moved in! My husband only used the right vanity, so no problem until me (-:
Vanities, will not be re-used :( Bright side? There was so much damage it was worthy of a homeowner's claim because of the MOLD! We rec'd a check for $5.7 which will help tremendously being we will do 95% of the work ourselves!

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