DIY Bathroom Shower & Tub ideas

The options are endless when installing showers and tubs in your bathroom. With various facuets, shower heads, tubs, and tiles, you may feel lost. Let Hometalk be your guide! We have gathered the newest, best, and top projects Hometalk has to offer. Browse our slideshows and videos on showers and tubs for some new ideas. Enjoy!

Tips for a Great Shower or Tub

Look at shower enclosures

Treat yourself with a shower enclosure that adds luxury to the bathroom. This creates a warm, steamy environment that is easy to clean.

Choose a location

Design your bathroom by putting the shower or tub in the best location. With a tub, you have the added benefit of choosing your view from it.

Go for a rustic style

Get a rustic shower or tub area by using materials such as stone or wood on the walls and floor. This creates a warm, welcoming environment.

Make a walk-in shower

Create a stylish bathroom with a walk-in shower. This helps to make the most of your space and is easy to create as no doors are needed.

Get a shower and a tub

Don’t feel that you have to choose one or the other. A shower can go over or a tub, or you can carefully design the room so that both fit in.

Top Projects for Showers & Tubs

Are you searching for the top shower and tub ideas? Make yourself at home.

DIY Shower & Tub Videos

DIY shower and tub video tutorials for you to enjoy. Don't forget to take notes.

Stencil and Seal Your Outdated Bathroom Tile

I had prepped and painted the tile in a previous post. I could have sealed it up and been done, but I had a different vision in mind. I wanted to use a stencil to make it look like cement tiles that are so popular. So this post is all about stenciling bathroom tile.

How to Remove a Fiberglass Bathtub and Surround in 60 Minutes

Wanna remodel your bathroom? The first step is to demo and that begins with your bathtub. Watch a professional bathroom remodeler do remove a fiberglass bathtub and surround. You'll see step-by-step exactly what to tackle first and what tools will make it easy.

Framing in a New Shower Niche

If you are about to tile a shower, now is the time to frame in a new shower niche. I just framed in a new shower niche as a part of a full Master Bathroom Remodel and videotaped a short video to explain how I did it.

New Shower & Tub Projects

Need some new bathroom shower and tub inspiration? Check out the new projects here.