DIY Bathroom Renovation

This is the second part of our DIY. It includes wall tile demo and wall tile installation.
Step 1 : Remove the ugly tiles. Use a pair of gloves when doing this, for safety reasons. If you plan on keep the tub you have to cover it to protect it from falling tiles.
Step 2: We also removed the cement boards and
Step 2: We removed all cement board as well to start a fresh. Now the wall is pretty bare.
Step 3: We installed a new cement board.
Step 4: We also decided to add a built in storage in between the studs.
Step 6: Seal the gaps between the cement boards by using a silicone glue.
Step 7: It's time to install the tiles. The process is the when we did the floor tile installation.
Step 8:
Step 8: After 24 hours the mortar has cured. It's time to grout it. You also need to wipe the excess grout with a wet sponge.
Step 9: We also added this statement tile to give the wall some contrast. This mosaic tile came in 12x12 inches long we manage to get 3 strips of tile and save a ton of money.
Step 10: We painted the bathroom gray. Watch the video below!

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