1. Make a Simple No-Sew Shower Curtain

Hometalker Suzanne’s project for a shower curtain and valance is a particularly straightforward idea as it involves no sewing. She cut a strip of material from the shower curtain to create a valance to hang above the curtain, while she created the hems on the fabric by using iron-on tape. The finished result brings height to the room and a custom look. Get tutorial here

2. Create a Stylish Foam Board Cornice

This is another great project which highlights how you can turn shower curtains into a striking feature. Hometalker Biscuits & Burlap created her own shower curtain but then also built a cornice out of foam core board. The same fabric used for the curtain was then added to the cornice, and the finished design is undoubtedly an impressive sight. Get tutorial here

3. Opt for the Style of a Long Valance

Another great example of how to create the perfect combination of a shower curtain and valance, this project highlights how the right design can make a big difference to a bathroom. Hometalkers Rob and Courtney found a curtain which fit the feel of their home and finished the look off with a long valance held by a tension shower curtain rod. Get tutorial here

4. Hang a Fabric Curtain as a Covering

This Hometalker loves having a white shower curtain, but also felt something else was needed to finish this bathroom makeover project. The solution was to hang a fabric curtain in front of the shower curtains, with this perfectly complementing the décor and also softening the hard lines which were present throughout the room. A simple and elegant idea. Get tutorial here

5. Create Your Own Striking Design

Finding the right shower curtain design is not always easy, so Hometalker Amanda got around this issue by simply creating her own. She made her shower curtains from drop cloth, taped out the design of her choice and then got to work with painting it. She then simply peeled away the tape, and the result is undoubtedly an impressive piece of work. Get tutorial here

6. Make Use of a Queen-Sized Sheet

This Hometalker completed this small bathroom makeover in just 20 days and opted to use an extra queen-sized sheet as her shower curtain. It is undoubtedly a great choice, as the color scheme, ruffles, and overall design work very well with the rest of the room. It is yet another fine example of how the right shower curtains can really have an impact. Get tutorial here

7. Replace or Remove Your Shower Door

So many shower units these days come with some form of door panel, and this project highlights how they and their supporting frames can often easily be removed. In this case, the door was removed as the Hometalkers involved want to update the look of the bathroom with features, including a bright blue shower curtain design. Get tutorial here

8. Embrace a Bold Nautical Theme

Hometalker Abbey was keen to bring a more vibrant style and color scheme to her 'plain jane' bathroom, and she chose to fully embrace a more nautical theme. Central to her makeover is a white and navy shower curtain which offers a big, bold splash of color. It works perfectly with a host of other features and has really brought the room to life. Get tutorial here

9. Use Paint for Your Own Print Design

This project offers up some real inspiration if you want to add some simple character to a shower curtain. Hometalker Emily gave her plain shower curtains a makeover by cutting out sponge shapes and making prints with them across the fabric with two contrasting shades of paint. The result undoubtedly gives her shower curtain a new lease of life. Get tutorial here

10. Install Your Curtain to a Ceiling Track

Shower curtain rods are a common part of many bathrooms, but Hometalker Debbie was keen to avoid using one as she disliked the look it provided. So instead, she decided to install a ceiling curtain track and added both a liner and curtain panel to it. The finished project is very stylish, while the curtains glide smoothly whenever they open or close. Get tutorial here

11. Transform Your Vintage Bed Linen

This Hometalker loves vintage bed linen, and she realized that one of her sheets would make a perfect shower curtain with a few adjustments. She used a shower curtain liner to measure the dimensions of fabric she needed, before then making a hem and adding eyelets for it to hang. It is a great project for bringing a traditional feel to a bathroom. Get tutorial here

12. Create Extra Long Shower Curtains

Extra-long shower curtains can be a great addition to a bathroom, and this project highlights how you can easily lengthen a store-bought curtain with contrasting fabric and trim for a stylish finish. Hometalker Christina also took inspiration from the colors on the curtain when she set about redesigning the look and feel of the rest of the room. Get tutorial here

13. Reflect the Rest of Your Home Decor

Hometalker Debbie was keen to ensure her guest bathroom reflected the French Country décor seen in the rest of her home, so she set about making her dream happen. Central to the newly designed space are her stylish shower curtains, which are actually floor-to-ceiling buffalo check draper panels with a liner behind them. Get tutorial here

14. Use Any Type of Curtain in Your Bathroom

This is another example of a situation where a Hometalker was keen to have extra-long shower curtains but simply could not find any she liked. Faced with this dilemma, Jenna bought two curtain panels from Target and set about transforming them into the shower curtains of her dreams. The results are incredibly stylish and undoubtedly impressive. Get tutorial here

15. Embrace a Striking Floral Design

While a lot of these projects have focused on shower curtains featuring blocks of color or stripes, this one highlights the bright, bold benefits of floral design. Hometalker Sadie found the fabric of her choice in a local thrift store and set about adapting it for her bathroom. The final curtain brings a real brightness and flash of color to her space. Get tutorial here

16. Get Extra Length with Fringing

Hometalker MyEye4DIY bought a shower curtain for her bathroom and went on to discover that it would ultimately be too short to meet her needs. However, she managed to transform the fabric into extra-long shower curtains simply by adding some fringe material. Now the perfect size, the curtain also boasts an extra element of style too. Get tutorial here

17. Use a Shower Curtain Elsewhere

While shower curtains are often essential in any bathroom, they can also be effectively used in other parts of a home. Hometalker Lisa wanted to use one in her laundry room but decided to create her own rather than opting for a store-bought option. Check out her project to see how she also added an impressive ruffled design to her curtain too. Get tutorial here

18. Design a Sailcloth Shower Curtain

Finally, this project offers real inspiration if you want to bring some straightforward style to your shower curtain on a small budget. Hometalker Thistlewood created shower curtains with a sailing theme simply by adding large red numbers to a white sheet. It is a simple, elegant design which could add an extra burst of color to your bathroom. Get tutorial here