Under The Sea Under The Bath Tub

9 Materials
4 Hours
Husband Broke panel on tub as we were putting down cork flooring. I painted outside of tub and hot glued stuff on river rocks that my Aunt gave me. My grandmother had collected them over the years and I think they turned out wonderful for my lil project.
 After breaking our panel on the garden tub while putting in our interlocking cork flooring, it was up to me to figure out what to do with that space that was calling to me  because it felt wasted.  I rubbed down the out side of tub to remove all the loose stuff. The I started at the top with light blue and worked my way down blending into the darker blue to the light green to the darker green. I may have even blended in some of the greens together to get it to blend better.
You can use your own way of blending because the stalks of seaweed and rocks will cover some anyway. Once thats painted I move to the rocks and start them to let the paint dry on tub. I washed the rocks real good the day before because my Aunt Linda actually pulled them from her garden were she had them from my grandma Dolly.
I like to start with the seaweed stalks so I can bend them the way I want to place the rocks.
Then I  just hot gluing them with my mosses and seashells. You want to be careful and not cover them to much because you really want to see some of the rocks also. 

Suggested materials:
  • Olympic Assure Paint & Primer Interior Satin
  • Blue Bayou & Salem Blue
  • Olive Green & Green Briar
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