SK's Tissue Paper Walls.

This is very fun and messy project. I had glue from head to toe. But loved the results.I have used tissue paper on a bath wall with wonderful and unexpected results.I used glaze instead of mod podge. I painted the wall a dark green, let it dry. I then rolled on a small portion of wall with heavy glaze. I then started to "mush" white tissue paper into the wet glaze, making it wrinkly.
I used copper plumbing pipe to make an interesting statement under the sink. I just carefully curled the copper pipe before attaching to the sink and wall plumbing.
Plumbers told me this couldn't be done.
Ta Da! It's amazing the things people tell us we can't do. Just let us at it and amazing things happen.
When the entire room was dry I sponge painted "wet-on-wet" with four different greens. When this coat was dry I added a copper stencil of an oak leaf. When this was dry, I sealed it with a satin coat of poly.
One thing you might note, how committed are you to this texture? You can always repaint, but the texture would take a huge effort to get off.
The cabinet was built from old, old wood. I put leftover copper backsplash on the back so it shows through the slates. I cut a hole in the top and dropped an old found sink into her. I kiddy-cornered the whole cabinet so the bath door would open.
If I am searching to find an old pin or projects on Hometalk, it can usually be found by searching key words or the artists name. I try to jot a computer note to myself. But when you make a comment on Hometalk it will show up in your personal activity. I on elderberry

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  • Sarah Sarah on Apr 02, 2016
    This is beautiful, wonderful imagination
  • Cher Cher on Apr 09, 2016
    Hey SK (or maybe someone else), this is a technical app question. If I hadn't saved the email informing me about the response to my comment I wouldn't have been able to get to THIS page with all the "how to" details. Initially I'd searched for it, possibly on Pinterest. I believe I found someone's "pin", but could no way find my way back to this post to refer to the steps to do this project. If you (a-hem) I, lol, fail to pin something of interest how do you find your way back if you don't know the bloggers name or what the project was entitled? I wasn't even completely certain it was a Hometalk blog post. Anyone have some tips for this amateur navigator?! Thanks anyone! 😬