New vanity

Amazing what contact paper, paint, dark wax and new knobs can do!!!
Old vanity
Sanded and dark waxed

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  • Valerie Valerie on Jun 03, 2014
    Linny, a long while ago, I rented a place that had old white metal cabinets. I used wood grain contact paper and even I was shocked how great it worked. I hoped it would last the year and it sure did! No finishing seal or anything. The trick I found was when you peel off the back sheet, just peel off an in or two, line up and attach the sticky portion where you want to start. Slowly pull off the back and in or so at a time. Two reasons; 1) you can stop any bubbles that might appear and 2) the contact paper itself will not stretch out. I messed up the first two pieces before I realized why it wasn't smooth. Once I did it this way, it was perfect. There are so many pretty prints in contact paper now!!
  • Harold Miller Harold Miller on Mar 16, 2015
    there is an extra heavy contact type paper in granite on Ebay, kind of costly but says its tougher than regular contact paper and made for cabinet tops. Ive been thinking about trying it but haven't yet