Build a Closet in Fifteen Minutes

2 Materials
15 Minutes

This is a quick and simple way to add hanging storage as well as shoe organization when you have no closet or small storage space. It is great for shoes as well.

Adding storage

I eliminated a closet from this room to add storage to another room. This is a solution to add storage back into this room. I especially like this idea, because I don't like doors on closets so that is perfect. You can make it a work of art!

Ready to spray paint

This is actually crown molding, but it works great as a hanging rack to hang clothes. Make sure that you buy molding that has a little groove in it in order to grip the hanger. It is best to use a swivel hanger to position however you want to and keep them securely in place.

Keep it straight

You want to have your fab leveler to make sure that your molding is straight. Put a small mark on the wall to make sure you have them straight and placed according to what you intend to hang.

Drilling a hole

In this step you simply need to drill a small hold so that it will make it easier to hammer in your nail.

Hammer in your nails to secure the molding to the wall. Easy peasy!

Where to place your molding

I spaced my molding to hang long dresses, short dresses, tops and for shoes as well. Customize it to your needs.

Shoe rack

This is perfect for heels!

Suggested materials:

  • Crown molding   (Home Depot)
  • A drill, hammer, and nails

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