How to Declutter Your Wardrobe: DIY Closet Organizer Ideas

We've all admired those immaculate wardrobes where every item has its place, and finding what you need is a breeze. But let's face it, achieving that level of organization can often seem daunting and expensive.

For those who long for a closet that rivals those glossy magazine spreads, I've curated a selection of clever and budget-friendly DIY Closet Organizer Ideas just for you.

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Dollar Tree hanging basket tutorial for closets

1. Homemade Hanging Basket

Maximize your closet's vertical space with this clever tiered storage basket.

Securely attach shower rings to each side of the storage bins for sturdy hanging

Head to the Dollar Tree and grab clear shower rings and large plastic storage bins with holes on the sides.

Creative hanging storage solutions for closets

Use the shower rings to connect the baskets to each other, ensuring that the bottom of one basket connects to the top of the next.

Vertical space-saving ideas

Additionally, ensure that the top basket has shower rings attached to its top holes. This allows you to connect the basket to the rod in your closet using these rings.

DIY hanging storage for maximizing closet space

Hang it up, and you've got yourself a great way to use the extra hanging space in your cupboard.

Sunglass stand using acrylic frames

2. DIY Sunglasses Holder

Keep your shades neat and accessible with this easy homemade DIY sunglasses holder.

Keep your shades organized and within reach

Grab three acrylic photo frames from Dollar Tree: one large and two smaller ones.

Remove the photo inserts from the frames.

Budget-friendly sunglasses storage solution for closets

Use a strong adhesive to glue the smaller frames to the larger one.

Chic DIY sunglass rack using acrylic photo frames

Apply the adhesive to the base of the smaller frames and stick them onto the body of the larger frame.

Stylish sunglasses holder DIY

Stack one on top of the other.

Transform acrylic photo frames into a sleek sunglasses holder

This creates a platform for storing sunglasses. It's a sleek addition to any closet and keeps your sunglasses within reach.

Budget-friendly shoe storage solution tutorial

3. Metal Shoe Rack

Tired of tripping over scattered shoes? Take charge of your footwear with this DIY shoe rack.

DIY shoe rack assembly with cabinet shelves

Use cabinet shelves from the Dollar Tree to create a sturdy shoe rack.

Step-by-step guide to making a metal shoe rack

Zip tie the legs of 3 racks together.

Homemade shoe storage solution with Dollar Tree items

This creates a neat solution for storing shoes.

DIY pegboard shelf separator

4. DIY Shelf Dividers

Maintain order in your closet with these simple DIY closet shelf dividers.

Step-by-step guide to crafting shelf dividers

Glue three pegboards together side by side to form a base for the shelf divider.

Budget-friendly shelf divider

Next, take two pegboards and glue them together back to back to create a divider.

DIY pegboard shelf separator for wardrobe

Attach the divider to the base using glue.

Homemade shelf divider assembly with pegboards

Glue them together to create compartments for clothing or accessories, keeping everything neatly separated.

Crafty DIY jewelry organizer tutorial

5. Homemade DIY Jewelry Holder

Say goodbye to tangled necklaces and misplaced earrings with this creative accessory organizer.

Homemade pegboard jewelry holder

Using a strong adhesive, glue two pegboards together perpendicular to each other, positioning the vertical pegboard towards the back of the base pegboard.

Step-by-step guide to making a jewelry display

Then, add hooks to the vertical pegboard.

Handmade jewelry organizer

Hang jewelry off the hooks and utilize the base as a catchall for other items.

Step-by-step guide to maximizing closet space with hanger hooks

6. Clothes Hanger Hack

Maximize your closet space with this ingenious hanger idea.

Practical clothes hanger

Grab removable hooks from Dollar Tree and attach them to hangers.

Easy-to-follow clothes hanger hack

Easily hang additional hangers, saving space and keeping your clothes organized.

More Home Storage Solutions

For seamless organization throughout your home, don't miss this guide on fridge organization!

DIY closet organizer ideas

Dollar Tree Closet Organization Hacks

Don't let a disorganized closet cramp your style any longer—take charge of your space with these innovative DIY Closet Organizer Ideas.

Have any other closet organizing hacks or dollar tree closet organization hacks to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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