12 Amazing Hanger Ideas To Keep Your Home Organized

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We all know that hangers are great for keeping our clothes ordered and wrinkle-free, but did you know that they can also be used for so much more? With a bit of ingenuity, hangers can be repurposed into an array of useful tools. In this tutorial, I am going to share with you some clever hanger hacks to make your life and home more efficient.

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From creating a DIY recipe holder to upcycling plastic hangers into a clever hat organizer, this post will show you how to take advantage of the versatility of hangers and transform them into valuable resources for your home.

Cutting a slit down the side of a toilet paper tube

1. Stop Creases in Your Pants with Toilet Paper Rolls

Grab a toilet paper roll and cut a slit down the side. 

Taping two rolls of cardboard toilet paper tubes together with duct tape

Tape two rolls together and slide them onto a hanger. 

A hanger with a cardboard toilet paper tube attached and a pair of pants hanging over to prevent creases

Then, slide your pants over the top of the cardboard. This will prevent your pants from getting creased.

Clipping the plug end of a cord into a pants hanger

2. Organize Cords with a Pants Hanger

Take a cord and clip it into a pants hanger. 

Winding a cord horizontally around a pants hanger

Wind the cord around the hanger.

Clipping the plug end of an electrical cord into a pants hanger

Then clip the other end into the other clip of the pants hanger. This is a simple organization hack to keep cords tidy and untangled.

Tying a rubber band onto one side of a plastic hanger

3. Prevent Clothes from Slipping with Rubber Bands

Grab a hanger and place a rubber band on each side. 

Placing a dress onto a plastic hanger with rubber bands on each side

Place your garments onto the hanger to keep them from slipping off the edges.

A folded busines card placed over the top of a pair of pants before attaching it to the clip of a pants hanger

4. Avoid Crease Marks with Business Cards

When hanging pants, fold two old business cards in half and place one end over the top of the pants. Clip the cards and pants onto a pants hanger. 

Preventing creases in pants with business cards

This will hang your pants without leaving any crease marks.

Clipping clothes pins onto a wire hanger

5. Turn a cheap wire hanger into a pants hanger

If you have wire hangers, grab two clothespins and clip them onto the wire hanger. 

DIY pants hanger

Then, clip your pants onto the hanger to prevent creases.

Placing one end of a chain onto the hook of a hanger

6. Save Space in Your Closet with a Chain

If you're short on storage space, all you need is a chain. Place one end of the chain onto the hook of your hanger and hang your first outfit on this hanger.  

Space-saving hanger hack

Then a couple of links down place the second hanger with the next shirt or outfit. Then add a third hanger the same way. This hangs your clothes vertically, saving you space in your closet as well as keeping them nice and flat.

Red plastic hanger and a package of shower curtain rings

7. Organize Accessories with Shower Curtain Rings

Grab a hanger and a package of shower curtain rings. Place all of the shower curtain rings onto the hanger or as many as you need.

Necklaces hanging from shower curtain rings attached to a hanger

Organize Necklaces

Grab your necklaces and place them onto the shower curtain rings, one item per ring. This keeps your jewelry hanging nicely and makes it easy to grab when you're getting dressed. 

Scarves and belts hanging from shower curtain rings attached to a hanger

Scarf Organizer

It is also a great idea to hang scarves and belts in this manner.

Caps hanging from shower curtain rings attached to a hanger

Hat Organizer Idea

Grab your baseball caps and hang one hat per shower curtain ring using the loop of the cap. This hangs them sideways in your closet and is a huge space saver as well as a helpful way to find the one you want to wear easily.

Folding a sweater in half lengthwise

8. Prevent Stretching Out Sweater Shoulders

When hanging sweaters, start by folding them in half. 

How to hang a sweater

Next, place the hanger upside down so that the hook is in the armpit. 

Looping sleeves over the hanger

Loop the sleeves up and over the hanger and tuck them through the bottom. Repeat that with the other side of the sweater.

Sweater hanging in a closet

This will keep your sweaters from stretching out.

Sticking a Command hook on the inside of a cabinet door

9. Keep Your Cookbook Handy with a Pants Hanger

Place a command hook on your kitchen cabinets. 

An open recipe book clipped onto a pants hanger on a Command hook

Open your cookbook to the desired page of the recipe you're using and hook it into a pants hanger. Now you can cook with ease and avoid splatters.

Hanging magazine rack

10. Create a DIY Magazine Rack 

Place a command hook in your bathroom. Take a magazine and place it over the bottom of a hanger. Hook the hanger onto the command hook and now you have an easy magazine rack for your bathroom.

A plastic hanger with a cut in the bottom center

11. Create a Hanging Paper Towel Holder

Take a hanger and cut the bottom center. 

Sliding a roll of paper towel onto a plastic hanger

Slide a paper towel roll onto either end.

Clothing hanger hacks

Hook this into an area where you're going to need it. This is a great way to easily grab paper towels to clean your hands or workspace.

More Hacks

For more ideas, check out this clever home hacks tutorial or this brilliant project on how to make a nightstand from clothes hangers.

A pile of new plastic white hangers in a cardboard box

Amazing Hanger Hacks

So, now you know, hangers are not just for organizing clothes in your closet. With a little creativity, they can be transformed into multi-functional and useful tools.

By incorporating these hanger hacks into your daily routine, you can take advantage of the humble hanger's adaptability and make your life easier and your home more organized. 

So the next time you're tempted to throw away a hanger, think twice and consider the endless possibilities that it holds. 

If you have any clever hanger hacks, I would love you to share them with all of us in the comments below!

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