Hotpress/Corner Cupboard Revamp

2 Materials
4 Hours

Ok so originally this was MDF (brown wood) I papered over it because I got fed up looking at the brown - but never liked the paper I used (a friend gave it to me and I didn’t have enough to do the full cupboard - which annoyed me)

so I decided to redo it!!!

Side view Before!!!

I just used a plain cream paper as I had none left of the patterned paper

Before front view

This cupboard holds our hot water cyclinder but the Carpenter never made it big enough to use it for other storage!!!

And it begins

I bought this paper from amazon it is already sticky on the back - I thought it would be much easier than having to paste normal paper!!!!

it was a bit trickier than I expected but I got there in the end!!!

i just measured it & cut it... carefully then place it and make sure it was in the right position!!!!

The door!!!!

This was the hardest part to try Paper the door but also match it with the paper I’d already put up over the door!!!!

i also chose to paper over the existing paper as it was really really stuck to the mdf !!!!

Front finish

And here it is in all its glory!!!!

I used 5 rolls - which I was as surprised the cupboard was even that big!!!!

Side view!!

Here’s the side - which was super easy because there was no door - just measure cut & stick it up!!!!

with a bit of patience - as it did take longer than expected!!!!

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  • Marquetta Marquetta on Sep 23, 2020

    Fantastic idea and phenomenal execution 👍🏽

  • Zain Rajput Zain Rajput on Oct 09, 2020

    I g­­­­e­­­­t p­­­­a­­­­i­­­­d o­­­­v­­­­e­­­­r $­­9­­0 p­­­­e­­­­r h­­­­o­­­­u­­­­r w­­­­o­­­­r­­k­­­­i­­­­n­­­­g f­­­­r­­­­o­­­­m h­­­­o­­­­m­­­­e w­­­­i­­­­t­­­­h 2 k­­­­i­­d­­­­s a­­­­t h­­­­o­­­­m­­­­e. I n­­­­e­­­­v­­­­e­­r t­­­­h­­o­­­­u­­­­g­­­­h­­­­t I­­­­'­­­­b eable t­­­­o d­­­­o i­­­­t b­­­­u­­­­t m­­­­y b­­­­e­­­­s­­­­t f­­r­­i­­e­­n­­d e­­a­­r­­n­­s o­­v­­e­­r 10k a month d­­o­­i­­n­­g t­­h­­­­i­­­­s a­­­­n­­­­d s­­­­h­­­­e c­­­­o­­­­n­­­­v­­­­i­­­­n­­­­c­­­­e­­­­d m­­­­e t­­­­o t­­r­­y. T­­h­­e p­­o­­t­­e­­n­­t­­i­­a­­l w­­i­­t­­h t­­h­­i­­s i­­s e­­n­­­­d­­l­­e­­­­s­­­­s. Here's w­­­­h­­­­a­­­­t I'v­­­­e b­­­­e­­­­e­­­­n d­­­­o­­­­i­­­­n­­­­g,