Easy System for Keeping Kids' Clothes in Closet

My 9 and 11 year old boys share a relatively small room, but they each have their own closet. Rather than using up valuable (and needed for playing with Legos!) space with two dressers, we opted to keep all their clothes in their closets.
Here's the "before" shot of the closets. We were already keeping their clothes in these Closetmaid cube shelves from Target, but we clearly needed a better system in place for keeping things tidy(ish) and organized.
I bought a bunch of these canvas storage bins (also from Target, and they happened to be on clearance when I got them) and put labels on them with cardstock, so the kids could easily put their laundry away in the right place.
We can change out the tags seasonally for long pants vs. shorts, etc. And there's still plenty of space for storing toys or shoes or books or whatever on top of the shelves. Ideally, the clothes are folded neatly inside those drawers, but even if they're not, I can't see them!
And here's the After photo! Big difference! We're several months in to using this system, and it's still working really well. More details here: http://boxycolonial.com/kid-clothes-organization-important-part-cant-see-clothes-kids/

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  • Robinshay4 Robinshay4 on Jan 06, 2015
    You can get these boxes and the matching wooden inserts as big or small as you want at several stores where we live. One is Wal Mart, the other is Big Lots. I am not sure if you are familiar with Big Lots but I think K mart has the wooden shelving units that the boxes go into also. I hope this helps. This is wonderful idea. Right now, my son has a dresser in his closet which he is very attached to for some reason. I would like it if I could get him to move onto one of these. They would work much better than his dresser.

  • Marinda Boydstun Marinda Boydstun on Feb 08, 2015
    I got open-wire shelving to go under my son's bed for(much-needed) storage for socks, et c. Later I repurposed one bin for toys, and the other for dishes in the kitchen.