Turn an Old Ladder Into Additional Closet Space!

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We rent a small, beach house in Connecticut that is dated and needs some major TLC. Along with old homes, comes a lack of closet space and with 2 adults, 3 children and 2 dogs, I am constantly looking for a place to put things. I found this beaten up wooden ladder at a garage sale, and turned it into a place to hang extra clothing and accessories. Hello, space saver solution!


- Wood Ladder

- BEHR Paint Color Sample (color: Tahoe Blue)

- Everbilt Screw Eyes x 3

- Hammer

- Nails x 2

- Rope

- Paintbrush

- Sandpaper

Step 1: Sand your ladder.

Start by sanding off any rough edges and tighten any rungs that are loose.

Step 2: Paint your ladder.

Painting your ladder is personal preference. You could stain it, spray paint it, chalk paint it for a shabby chic effect or leave it 'as-is' in it's natural finish. I chose to paint it this beautiful shade of blue to match our bedroom interior and left some of the roughness to it for a beachy effect.

Step 3: Attach screw eyelets.

One of your eyelets will be affixed to the ceiling where you plan to hang your ladder. The other two eyelets will go along one side of the ladder, at either edge (as shown in the photo above).

Step 4: Attach ladder to the wall.

Nail in either side of the ladder to your wall. Ensure it is very secure. Where I decided to hang my ladder has an awkward hallway type of area that we don't use. I also call this 'wasted space' that I will one day tend to, but for now, it was a perfect place to hang my ladder. Ensure your ladder is nailed in straight and flush against the wall.

Step 5: Thread your rope.

Taking two pieces of equal length rope, affix each strand to either screw eyelet. Secure one end of the rope to the eyelet using a tightly wound knot.

Next, take the other ends of both ropes, and tie them to the eyelet you secured to the ceiling. Both ropes should be tied evenly to ensure your ladder is perfectly balanced and straight.

Step 6: Hang your clothes, accessories and hats. Use the rungs to hang high heels, jewelry and more! This was such a simple solution to our problem and has become extremely useful with my lack of closet space. I'm going to make miniature versions for my kids rooms next. Now, get out there and turn your ladder into a space saver!

Suggested materials:

  • Wood Ladder   (On-Hand)
  • Rope   (Home Depot)
  • BEHR Paint Sample   (Home Depot)
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