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Kids grow up fast and so do their rooms! Take a look at these tips for convertible kid room ideas brought to you by our friend Shelley Smith from
As kids go through different stages of life, so do their rooms. From diapers and burp cloths to an overabundance of toys and then mountains of school work and books. While there isn't a room out there that can accommodate each stage of life perfectly without one single change along the way, there ARE a few things that you can keep in mind to make the transition from baby, toddler, and then teenager a little bit smoother.
Furniture that can serve more than one purpose is a big key to having a space that will grow with your kids. There are lots of different companies jumping on the "convertible kid furniture bandwagon", so just keep your eye out and don't be afraid to ask your local furniture retailers if they offer options such as these.
One thing to note is that sometimes these changeable kid pieces can run quite a bit more money. The higher price tag may have you second guessing your purchase, but know that in the long run, you can really get your money's worth out of them.
If you're looking for easy, more affordable options in your kids' rooms that will still translate into functional, usable solutions, try something simple like turning a large dresser into a changing table, instead of just settling on the standard baby changing station that typically doesn't offer much storage and has to be switched out after your child passes a certain age.
Although popular character and age-specific decor like princesses, superheros and baby animals can be really fun in a child's bedroom, when trying to design a space that will stand the test of time, keep those types of themed add-on's in pieces that you can easily switch out if you need to later. Larger, more expensive fixtures such as lighting,rugs and wallpaper should be things that can seamlessly convert from baby to kid or even teenager without really having to make any big changes.
This isn't saying that you can't personalize your child's space with special touches here and there, just do them in a way that you won't have to spend a lot of money moving them out when that time comes.Gallery walls are a great design element to have in a child's bedroom. Not only does it fill an empty space nicely, but it's affordable and you can quickly change out photos to accommodate different stages of life.
Thanks to online tools like,you can actually design a space online with items, colors and decor you like,before you make the commitment to move forward with any concrete plans. This helps you to envision what your space may look like put all together, before you start pulling individual pieces for your room. When decorating for a convertible kids room, asking yourself these few key questions can really help you with your overall design plan:
#1. Is my room decor plan something I could see a crib AND a bed in? If I took all baby items out of the mix, and replaced them with older children's knick-knacks, would the rooms design still work well?
#2. Is my color pallet something that lends itself nicely to a baby OR teenager's space?Could I add or take away a few, inexpensive items to change up my look enough from one stage of life to another, without having to spend a lot of money?
#3. Are my storage solutions adequate? Will I be able to fit small baby items and clothing in my given storage pieces, as well as larger, more space-consuming wardrobe items that an older child would need to have as well?
Just like a lot of the other areas in your home, creating a convertible kid space that will last through the years, just takes a bit of planning. Life and kids are unpredictable and while their needs may change, taking the time to initially invest in quality furniture and suitable storage for their ever-growing lives can really help when making the transition from one stage to the next.
- Shelley Smith

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