Homemade chalkboard paint

These are two pieces of furniture that I redid this weekend using homemade chalkboard paint. I started with the wall color on the "edge" areas, covered that with two coats of white chalkboard paint and then sanded where the wall color was. This was followed by a coat of paste wax that was buffed once ti was dry. LOVE how they turned out!!!
Dresser finished and in the room. Just need to glue on the last "jewel".
Close up of the distressing.
The cat hiding from the dog while I was working on the dresser box.
Close up of the top. Waiting for the glass.
Vanity....finished the same way as the desk. Just waiting for the glass top and then the tri-fold mirror will be added.
Close up of the knobs....

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  • Janice Janice on Jan 09, 2014
    I believe some folks are using terms incorrectly. There is a difference in "chalk paint" and "chalkboard paint". What you used was chalk paint, which is used on furniture and waxed over for a dull, worn, antique-like finish. Chalkboard paint is used on surfaces that you can write on with chalk for signage or labels. I know lots of people have used the terms interchangeably but they're really two different products. And, I love your finished products. You did lots of work and was rewarded handsomely. Keep sharing with us!

    • Robbie Gipson Robbie Gipson on Jan 19, 2014
      Thank you Janice, I was getting a little confused on the chalkboard paint. I thought chalkboard paint was to be used to write on. I had never heard of chalk paint I am happy you cleared that up. @

  • Lisa House Lisa House on Sep 08, 2015
    Thx Janice, I noticed this also, but wasn't going to say anything unless no one else did...no sense of repeating it. The items are gorgeous, a job well done!