5 Ways to Seriously Upgrade an IKEA Dresser

Take a look at this IKEA dresser. It’s a basic, unfinished wood three-drawer dresser and is made of durable and warm natural wood. This chest of drawers is very lightweight, and as an extra safety precaution to keep your home more secure, it comes with hardware to attach it to your wall. It’s simple to assemble and is the perfect height for your needs.

There’s a lot of potential in this plain dresser. Because it’s made of pine, this dresser is highly customizable with minimal effort. Take this raw piece of IKEA furniture and totally transform it. Get the look you want at a low cost. There are endless possibilities for personalizing it. Place it in any room as a stylish, small dresser or end table to elevate the look and feel of your home.

Here are some things you can do to it...

PROJECT 1: Transform it with a fun stenciled pattern

Make over this simple, inexpensive set of drawers into a Boho chic showpiece for any room. Paint it a bold blue, add your favorite stencil pattern, and then finish it off with brightly colored knobs.

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PROJECT 2: Give it an apothecary cabinet look

Modify the dresser drawers to give them faux drawer fronts, and add handles to them. Place a piece of butcher block on top of the dresser for a more substantial look, and finish off the makeover with brown and black paint for a stunning vintage apothecary cabinet.

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PROJECT 3: Create a vintage telephone dresser

Apply a vintage rotary telephone poster to the front of the drawers, and then add beautiful antique bronze casters and drawer pulls for an incredible transformation.

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PROJECT 4: Turn it into a gorgeous desk

Put a glass-covered pallet tabletop on the dresser and attach two legs to create a stunning desk with drawers to store your papers and supplies. You will absolutely love working at your new desk.

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PROJECT 5: Convert it into a unique wine cart

Build the frame of the dresser, and insert a wine bottle holder and stemware holders. Add a small drawer, and then put your brand new piece of furniture on display for everyone to appreciate.

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Time to get started on your makeover!

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