Blanket Chest Made Out of Old Cabinet Doors.

I had a friend who was redoing his kitchen in his beach house. The guys were throwing these doors away and I just had to do something with them. I decided to build this chest to store my blankets in. I cut one of the doors in half to make the two sides and I used whole doors to make the bottom, front and back. Then I cut about two inches horizontally off the top piece and added a piano hinge. I screwed it all together and bought some ball feet to add to it and then I painted right over the existing paint that was cracking and peeling just like I liked it. I sanded some of the blue off to expose the yellow and then I kind of white washed over the whole thing with white paint diluted with water. My brother built a toy box for my grand children with the remaining doors and I still have two left that I plan to paint a picture on and hang on the wall.
Chest made out of old kitchen cabinet doors.
Top view of blanket chest made out of old kitchen cabinet doors.

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  • Alexandra Arena Alexandra Arena on Sep 20, 2013
    Your projects are amazing, @DLyn! You're very talented!
    • DLyn Murphey DLyn Murphey on Sep 20, 2013
      @Alexandra Arena Wow! Thanks for that compliment, Alexandra. I just like to make do with what I have and show others to look around and see what they have before going out and buying new pieces.