Make Your Own Faux Marble Table With This Easy Tutorial

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It’s really cool when you can take something ordinary and turn it into something truly special. It’s even cooler when you can do that yourself. I took a plain white IKEA table and by using some Epoxy and some different colorings was able to turn it into an absolutely stunning faux marble table. With this project you can totally personalize the colors and depths to your own taste and current home decor, so don’t be afraid to make it your own. Keep reading to learn how to do this yourself.

Prep for your faux marble table

Tools and Materials:

  • White side table, already thoroughly sanded, and legs removed (I got mine from IKEA)
  • Epoxy Art Coat, A and B
  • Epoxy Counter Coat, A and B
  • Mica powder (in the color of your choosing)
  • Dye
  • Plastic cups
  • Mixing tool (I used popsicle sticks)
  • Gloves
  • Heat gun
Base of your faux marble table
Mix your Epoxy

The first thing you’re going to do is mix your Epoxy. I used equal parts Resin and Hardener. Mix them together thoroughly because this is our base for the whole project.

Colors for your DIY faux marble table
Prep your main color

Once your Epoxy is thoroughly mixed, you’re going to use that to create your different colors. I took four plastic cups and poured clear Epoxy into them before adding the coloring. Since my table was mostly white, I mixed Metallic White powder into a large cup of Epoxy. You need about 10-15% of the powder to the Epoxy. Into the white I also added a bit of Interference Blue Mica Powder from Alumidust, which is metallic white with a blue tint. 

Prep your Epoxy
Prep your other colors

You’ll be needing a lot less of the other colors, so I used much smaller cups. There are three additional colors to mix. In one I used plain white dye from Alumilite. In the next I used about a drop of Alumilite Ocean Blue as well as some Alumidust Blue Green powder. The last cup I made was gold. For this I used JustResin Gold paste. Once you get all your colors added, you want to make sure to mix them very thoroughly.

Pour epoxy on your DIY faux marble table
Start pouring your Epoxy

Since my table was white already, I decided to use that as part of the design. So I poured some of the clear Epoxy and spread it around, but only on some parts of the table, just to add some depth. Then I poured a lot of the metallic white, as that’s my main color, followed by some of the regular white. I call this “the ugly stage” so don’t worry about pouring it in a pattern or anything like that. Just have fun with it.

Spread out your Epoxy
Fully cover your table

Use your hand or a paintbrush to smooth down your Epoxy all over the table. Make sure to smooth out all your sides as well. When you’re smoothing out the intersection of two colors, I recommend patting down instead of rubbing. This will prevent your colors from completely blending into each other.

Add your color
Add your color

It’s time to add your color for some interest. Since you need a lot less of this one I used a stick to spread a bit of it around and create some veins.

Soften your lines
Soften your lines

I used a heat gun to help blend it in a bit and soften some of the lines. But I wanted to blend it in more so I used a finger to tap down some of the lines. This is totally a matter of personal preference, so you can choose how you want your lines to look!

Accent veins on your faux marble table
Add accent veins

Now I added in some gold veins around it to really make it pop. I used even less of this than the blue, just to add a little bit of interest.

Spray your DIY faux marble coffee table
Spray some finishing touches

This is just a little something I like to do to give it an extra bit of depth. I mixed some 91% isopropyl alcohol with teal mica powder and sprayed it around the table in order to fracture it. If you want some bigger fractures you can spray it into your hand and flick it onto the table.

Tilt your faux marble table
Tilt your project

This is a totally optional step, and I didn’t do much of it, but you can also tilt your table in different directions to get the veins to flow a bit.

Add a clear coat
Add a clear coat

Once my table was completely dry, I lightly sanded it with 220 just to give it some grip. I then mixed equal parts of part A and part B countertop epoxy and poured it onto the table. I like to pour it all in the middle and then use my hand in a circular motion to spread it outwards. Make sure to get all the sides.

Finish up your faux marble table
Torch your table

Now you just have to torch it and you're done! When it comes to torching you want to move across quickly and make sure not to stay on one spot for too long. Once you’ve done that, all you’ve gotta do is sand off any drips and reattach your legs and you are done!

Finished DIY faux marble table

And there you have it! I LOVE how my table turned out. The color I chose fits in perfectly with my home decor and it really brings something special to the room. It was also so fun and relatively easy to do, so it’s definitely something I can see myself trying again. Especially since each one can be customized in a different way. I’d love to see the personal touches you put on your own table, so definitely show me in the comments! 

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  • Gloria McKague Gloria McKague on Oct 06, 2020

    cute but I wouldn't pay $150 .00 in materials for that look …...

  • Mary McDonald Mary McDonald on Oct 08, 2020

    Great idea however I liked it at the earlier stages with all the visible lines instead of the watered down look. I do have a couple of white old tables exactly like that from IKEA so you have inspired me! Thanks for posting!😊