Gorgeous Dresser on a BUDGET!!

2 Materials
3 Hours

For the bedroom makeover that I recently shared, we needed a new dresser with more of a modern flare. Without the price tag of course 😉

From this...

To this

Without paying this 😬

For those of you that didn’t see the makeover I did for my friend, here is her before bedroom.

She was sick and tired of the beige not brave look 😂

She wanted a modern tropical bedroom, and I understand that this look is not for everyone but this is what she wanted and she absolutely loved it so please keep your words kind🥰

I removed all the handles from the dresser.

And gave them a quick wipe down and a light sanding.

Next thing I did was gave the dresser a wipe down and sanded the entire thing with a 100 grit sand paper then a 300.

After sanding, I wiped it down with warm water and then dried completely.

For the handles I gave them 3 light coats of gold spray paint that we had on hand. (This was krylon gold spray paint)

Using a small roller brush I painted 2 coats of left over paint from the accent wall we did. It was plenty warm outside so it dried rather quickly.

Once completely dry I have it a coat of clear satin gloss.

Re-assemble everything and add a few decor items.

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Suggested materials:

  • Dresser   (Yard sale)
  • Paint   (Left over from bedroom makeover)

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