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Thanks to this weather keeping me inside, I have gone a little stir crazy and start my spring cleaning early. I have been on a purge streak. Trying to get rid of things we no longer use. My current victim: the kitchen. The builder of our house was kind enough to give us FOUR drawers in our kitchen :-/ It has become a jumbled mess, so here is what I did
Drawer Silverware drawer. We had the cheapo caddy in this drawer, but nothing fit and it would slide around.
Solution: cut down some spare wood we had laying around and make larger sections.
I stained them to match as close as possible and screwed them into the sides with small screws.
I love not having so much random space. Everything should have a place and not be thrown in this drawer haphazardly.
Drawer The utensil drawer. Yeah, this was such a mess and we spent so much time digging around.
Solution: create smaller sections for everything. I laugh because I had no idea we had that many wooden spoons or spatulas. I have yet to stain this to match (it was still drying last night), but this was a bit of a puzzle for me. I used chopsticks to map out what I wanted (after a few hours of trying to decide that) and then once I cut the wood to size, I used a super strong adhesive to glue everything together. The best part: totally removable!! Perfect for renters!!
Drawer (not shown) the garbage bag/paper plate drawer.

Drawer The spice drawer. My husband cooks a lot and he is really good at it. This means we have a TON of spices. We did lose drawer space by moving the spices down, but not it is super easy to grab what we need without having to push through the cabinet. And we know when we are truly out of something. Dont you hate when you buy more garlic powder and realize at the back of the cabinet you had an unopened container?
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • ....great job, and dont you love having your spices in a drawer ??!!! Yes. :) I dont keep my silverware in a drawer, they are in mason jars , that sit in a metal basket . And same with my cooking Utensils. :) I cook a lot and like having my utensils right next to the stove :)

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    • @Heather ....thank you, appreciate your reply :) The mason jars are ' lined' in the bottom with cushiony shelf liner, cut to fit. ..or you could use cork...or whatever you long as its cushiony and washable :)

  • Ruth  Nederlk Ruth Nederlk on Mar 01, 2015
    Looks great These drawers are in the same mess. Love how you fixed it!