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And yet another barn project : ) Nemesis came home with me the same day that "Lola" did (if you are not familiar with Lola, she's a project I posted a couple weeks ago). Unlike Lola, Nemesis was in rather good shape as she had been kept in a room in the barn , not out in the dusty barn itself. I would also never call her 'quiet' , 'unassuming' or 'shy'. I had purchased some paint for another project that I had already started, but 'she' thought that the color blue would look outstanding on herself and would not be denied! I gave in to her petulant self and began the process of making her a true 'prima donna'.

So, here she is .. before. And she's going on and on about being so 'drab' and why was she left to fade away inside a dirty ole barn! and she really needed a new 'outfit' and could she please get a good 'latte'.. Oh boy...

She has a mirror , but it was taken off for the drive home.

Of course the first step was to clean her all up. I used tsp or awesome and some warm water and scrubbed her down. I had already decided I was leaving some of the lovely wood. I stripped and sanded the top two drawers and the top of the dresser.

Then, being inspired by the lovely blended pieces I had seen around the net, I decided that was what I was going to do.... not... apparently. Serious epic fail. Nemesis hated it! Honestly I didn't blame her, I could not get it right! I walked away from this gal at least 4 times (hence the Nemesis name.. she was getting to me... ugh!)

So, I went back to my roots, back to the time I was painting on canvas and decorating my walls with faux finishes... and I got out my sponges… (insert happy dance here). The finish on her is almost completely done with sponges (very little brush work) and blending colors. At last the base was coming together!

I used 4 colors: Rustoleum’s Chalked paint in Serenity blue, and Costal blue; Fusion in Midnight blue; and I mixed Costal blue with teal acrylic paint to create a greener vibe for a fourth color. In this pic you can see the first planning of colors (and the top is stripped but not finished).

Once I got the blues the way I wanted them , I began to add some metallic elements. . I used Modern Masters Champagne with a script stencil for the writing. I used Fusion’s embossing paste with a stencil to create the raised design, with Martha Stewarts bronze sponged on top and MM Champagne dry brushed over that. You can also see that her drawers and top are now complete, stained with one coat of Minwax Jacobean stain and top coated with Gator hide from Dixie Belle ( I had also finished stripping and staining her mirror, the harp would be painted).

It was at this point that Nemesis finally stopped complaining and just let the transformation happen. She knew she was becoming the queen she was always meant to be.

This is her harp being painted and embellished to match (and the cute little hand painted dragon fly :)

Then I got out the IOD transfer, "The Botanist's Journal", that I had purchased specifically for her and .. O... M... G!! I love this transfer and it was PERFECT!! I had already sealed the paint, then rubbed on the transfer, and sealed over the transfer again with more Gator Hide. I put on her new handles (purchased at Menards and picked out by my hubby!! Who'd a thunk!). I lightly distressed her edges and added a bit of antiquing wax, as well as, put gold rub n buff on her wheels.

(**for those not familiar with IOD, it is Iron Orchard Designs and they make rub on transfers, among other things,...look them up.. very beautiful stuff!)

Here she is, complete at last!

Meet my "Nemesis", here to play court to all those willing to bow to her greatness, for she is the queen of her garden!! (let's just let her keep her delusions shall we? She was right about one thing though, she does look outstanding in blue!!)

Her gorgeous top.

Side of her drawers. (the inside of her drawers were hemp oiled and lined with pretty paper)

And the front, showing off her beautiful garden!

**for those of you looking for products used, they are listed in each section.

**for those of you looking for cost, I honestly have no idea. Some of the products I had on hand, some I purchased as I needed them. I do not do this as a living, it is a hobby and just fun for me.

(Nemesis was purchase by the wonderful woman that I got her from. Her most recent residence is in Wisconsin :)

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  • Hope Hope on Mar 16, 2021

    She.Is.GORGEOUS!!!!!! Did you do anything with her mirror..? I'd love to see it all 'done-up' to match the dresser.

  • Pat Turner Pat Turner on Mar 21, 2021

    I am renovating an old small little shelf, I tried chalk paint but I don’t like it. What would you recommend?

  • Sharon Puckett Sharon Puckett on Mar 21, 2021

    Yes what is so beautiful about it. Just not my style.


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