Old Door Headboard - Made for a King Size Bed

We love making headboards out of these old doors - there is so much character to each one of them. This headboard was shipped to one of our Customers in FL.
The doors we use are usually 80+ years old and have had their share of various paint treatments over the years.
These old door headboards make a great conversation piece and are sure to become the focal point of any bedroom.
Keep us in mind if you're not up to doping the trim work and want us to do that for you. We do work with a large DIY Client base that have us do the work and they will add the finishing touches themselves.
Thank you for the business!

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  • Norine Norine on Aug 02, 2018

    I have a solid maple door. Picked it up at the ReStore for, maybe, $10.00(?). I want to keep it as lightweight as possible. I want to put a light where the door knob was. I want to run trim along the top (length) of the door. I need to know what to use for hardware to secure the door to the bed.

  • Vintage Headboards Vintage Headboards on Aug 03, 2018

    Good morning Norine - depending on the type of legs you are using to attach your headboard to your bed frame will first determine the length of the screws. Our legs are generally about 3" deep so we use 2-1/2" heavy-duty screws with fender washers.