Repurposed Baby Crib/Sewing Table

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My grandsons had outgrown their crib. Since it was a very large it was hard to find someplace that was willing to take it as a donation..and I needed a sewing table.
Before. Crib w/drawers & changing table
I disassembled the entire crib.and I needed a sewing table. I've bagged and saved all the hardware in case I needed it, and each piece of wood.
For the three drawer section under the changing table area, I purchased a set of unfinished bun feet on eBay.
Hanging hardware for the feet.
Installed the hanging hardware on each of the four corners.
I stained the bun feet to match the stain on the crib.
I added carpet sliders since the finished item will be on carpeting.
I measured the area between the headboard and changing table that I wanted to use as the tabletop. (In my case I purchased a piece 24" x 34" 3/4" plywood.)
I used L brackets for support on the changing table side, and a strip of wood from the crib on the headboard side for support of the tabletop, both sides were screwed into place using cabinet screws.
There were some really nice veneer plywood pieces in the bottoms of the larger drawers. I used one as my table top, this was glued into place with wood glue. There was a small margin around this veneer, which I shimmed up with some 1/8" scrap plywood, so that the entire surface was level. Then I used some of the wood pieces from crib to frame the table top. Cut to the correct lengths.
The finished product.
The bar section from the back side of the crib was used to hold the headboard and changing table drawers together. I could have cut the end off of this section of bars, but I thought this gave the finished product more stability.

Suggested materials:

  • Unfinished wood bun feet. Furniture leg hangers. Cabinet screws. Wood stain   (eBay for the bun feet with free shipping. Home Depot for the hardware.)

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  • Beverly Beverly on Feb 07, 2017
    I accidentally deleted question and reply about the plywood.. Thank you, Patty.
  • Linda Abate Linda Abate on Sep 15, 2018

    I think this is a fabulous idea of repurposing a crib, especially if it one that has been in the family for years. Great idea.