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Here I go again with the self adhesive paper!!

I can't help it, its so cost effective and easy to use.

I needed some side tables to stage a clients house and I needed them quick!

Another reason for using the paper is this is a short term thing, until I can take the time to sand and stain the tops of these tables and really make that wood grain pop!


Before pic of the tables. Very nice, just not the color I need. I'm not a wood color fan, I usually paint all furniture. Look away if this offends you.

As usual, first things first, gave these a good wipe down.

Once dry, I sanded them down with 120 grit paper. Just enough to take the shine off a bit.

I wiped them down again to get all the dust.

Once wiped, you can see the sand marks and the shine is not as bright.

I then did a coat of primer, followed by a light sand.

I used two coats of white paint. I had leftover wall paint, I use that on furniture a lot, along with chalk paint when I'm too lazy to sand and prime.

I left the top of the tables, as I planned to use the adhesive paper so no need to paint. As well, I plan to sand them down and stain the tops a nice grey once I have them back.

For now, I lightly sanded the tops, just to have them nice and flat for the paper.

Very interesting pattern on the top would you say? Can't wait to see it stained.

I then laid the paper on top and made a crease where I needed to cut. Unfortunately it didn't cover the whole table so I had to do it in two pieces.

I took half the backing paper off and laid it in position. I then smoothed out the paper to get rid of all the bubbles.

*Side note, at first, I laid it down wrong and didn't realize till after I smoothed it down. I then tried to rip the piece off and reuse it but no dice. It picked up some pieces of the finish on the table and made the paper bumpy. Don't do this. Take your time and make sure it's in the right place!

So I redid the step above.

Once finished, I used an exacto knife and trimmed the edges.

I cut the last piece needed and applied that.

So here it is! I'm happy with them, it will work nicely for the space I'm working with.

Even with two pieces, you can't really see the seam unless you look closely.

Here it is with some Christmas decorations to see how it will look.

Not bad for a quick transformation!

Suggested materials:

  • Wall paint, Vaspar   (Lowe's)
  • Primer   (Lowe's)
  • Sand paper, 120 grit   (Lowe's)
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  • Eld535365 Eld535365 on Dec 06, 2021

    You should be ….. well it is a sun what you did to that beautiful piece of natural would.

  • Mjungles Mjungles on Dec 06, 2021

    Love it!! What a change. Could you tell me if this is also what you used on the back of your china cabinet. Love that print also!!

  • Lovesunique Lovesunique on Dec 17, 2021

    Some tired and scarred wood pieces do get a nice refresh with paint. This table turned out really nice. You mention you don't like natural wood color so do you plan to paint your china cabinet? To me, painted would look better with your beautiful overhead fixture. Just my two cents. 😊


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