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I wanted one of those particle board rolling drawer units for my office. The only issue is that I am dramatic and highly allergic to inferior made products. There is just something about old/antique solid wood furniture that gets me. Not to mention said particle board drawer units can easily cost you $100 (NO THANK YOU!). So I scanned FB Marketplace and other similar sights to see what I could find. I finally stumbled across a “drawer-ed” bedside table for $15! Yes lawd, I knew I could make this work. Here is what I came up with.


The table was cute (a little beat up), but I needed this unit to fit under my desk (table!) and I wasn’t a huge fan of the legs. My plan was to cut them off with the circular saw.

Much to my surprise and delight the legs were held on by 4 screws!

I now have to a perfect surface to add casters.

I had these casters on hand from another project.

Once I added the casters, my next step was paint!

My favorite chalk paint (it is so inexpensive) is Waverly Chalk Paint!

I gave the unit 2 good coats of chalk paint.

Since I didn’t have any Polycrylic on-hand I decided to seal the piece with Mod Podge.

Coated in Mod Podge.

I initially put the original handles back on but I didn’t care for the look. So after digging around in my hardware drawer (yes, I have a hardware drawer-comes in handy a lot!!) I found some new handles for the piece!

I added handles to both holes and I loved the look! It sort of reminds me of buttons on a blouse (what type of blouse has double buttons is beyond me, but that’s the first thing that came to my mind!). Or Mickey Mouse...hmmm... either way-I liked it!


Stashed away in "her" new home!

Suggested materials:

  • Second-hand cabinet   (Thrift Store)
  • Waverly Chalk Paint   (Walmart)
  • Drawer knobs   (Lowes)
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