How to Do a Toy Box Restoration: DIY Makeover

by Well_shetried

I recently decided to do a toy box restoration. I wanted to give my little duck box a makeover. If you're thinking of giving your own toy box a makeover, gather everything you'll need.

Toy box before

Tools and materials:

  • Sandpaper
  • Artist paint brushes
  • Staining paintbrush
  • Dremel tool with rasp bit
  • Festool Sander
  • Dark walnut stain
  • Golden oak stain
  • Warm satin poly
  • Paint (for detailing)
Sanding the toy box

Step One: Sand the Toy Box

I got rid of the old finish by sanding it down.

Stain can

When I checked out the stain can and saw the warning, I thought, "Maybe Mom can handle this better." So, I passed the project to her.

Creating the design with a Dremel tool

Step Two: Create the Design

Mom started by using a Dremel tool with a rasp bit to make the grooves deeper. This created the cattails that would be the background behind the duck.

Painting the cattails

Step Three: Paint the Cattails

Next, she used a dark walnut stain to give some color to the cattails.

Adding paint

She added a bit of paint to the reeds and water to add more color.

Sanding the excess paint

Step Four: Sand Excess Paint

After that, she sanded off the extra paint and stain using her sander.

Staining and coating with stain poly

Step Five: Stain and Poly the Toy Box

To finish it off, she applied a golden oak stain and added a warm satin poly finish.

Toy box restoration

Toy box restoration

This toy box restoration is the perfect addition to my son's nursery. Have you worked on restoring an old piece of furniture? Share your projects in the comments below.

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