Vintage Sewing Machine Drawers Re-purposed

Lisa Burnett Elliott
by Lisa Burnett Elliott
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I collect what some would consider junk, but I see something Vintage with a purpose. These vintage sewing machine drawers have been painted with chalk paint, highlighted with Unicorn spit and had new hardware added.
The first thing I do is clean and sand my piece down. I want a smooth even surface, All hardware is removed
These are 2 different size drawers made with different wood so I paint each piece with a chalk paint black so I have an even colored surface to start with.
Several brands of chalk paint were used to blend different colors. I like to find colors that compliment and stand out against each other. At this point I start blending.
The blending done here is with red, blue and purple chalk paint and I blend together enough to see all the colors and create extra shades by combining two colors directly on the piece.
one the chalk paint dried I did a light sanding, wiped off the piece and prepared for the fun part: Unicorn Spit. On the blue piece I used Molly RedPepper, Purple Majesty and Blue Thunder spit and combined them at spots to create all the shades. On the white drawer I used White Ning and Black Spit that I lightened to create grays to cover the some on the piece while white covered the rest.
Once your Unicorn Spit is completely dry the next step is usually rather mind blowing because the true colors are finally going to shine. Notice the difference in this photo where the poly had been added! I use Minwax oil poly over my spit. I do one coat rather thin and get my colors set before adding several more coats as the previous coat dries. The colors are amazing and don't get discouraged your first time using Spit and you see it dry to muted shades, the poly is the final thing you need to get the colors you wanted.
here is the front of the blue one.
This is a side view, can you see how the Unicorn spit enhance my colors and gave me a gorgeous finish on my drawer!!
Suggested materials:
  • Chalk Paint   (Amazon)
  • Unicorn Spit   (Sweet Spitunuas)
  • Minwax Clear Gloss Poly   (Amazon)
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