Airdry Clay Flamingo Jewelry Organizer

3 Materials
1 Hour

Lately I've been obsessing with flamingos and swans. I got inspired making this craft because I always forgot where I put my watch and and ring which are the jewelries I mostly carry with me.

I placed it my working area because it is to find and makes my workspace so much cuter.

First prepare your clay. I order to achieve a pale pink color. Add a little bit of red color on your clay. You can add few more drops depending on the shade you are trying to achieve.

Roll out your clay and fold the sides. Leave it for 30 minutes before moving on the next step.

As you noticed my slab looks wet. I dabbed more than usual amount of water using sponge (you can also use your hands)

so that I can achieve a pottery like smooth finish.

Then for the neck, roll out a foil and cover it with clay. I usually do this with other crafts that requires parts to support the clay.

Once done, attach the neck to the body. It is easier to connects the two parts because it had dried a bit.

Leave it to dry for a day. Add a some cute features and it's ready for display :)

Suggested materials:

  • Airdry clay   (homemade)
  • Foil   (cooking supply)
  • Water (for smoothing)

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