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This jewellery holder will organize the clutter if you have a lot of costume jewellery. But the best part about making this particular jewellery display? It will keep all your necklaces and earrings together in one spot!

Raid your sewing stash to find some bobbins like these and some chicago screws to attach them (more about that later).

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to attach them onto your jewellery display stand!

Pegboard Stand

The pegboard stand itself is a thrifted wrought iron base that is normally used to display stained glass artwork.

When you cut a 12″ square piece of pegboard to fit inside the holder, it becomes a jewellery display.

Cut the pegboard in such a way that the holes are even so it look symmetrical.

The paint we’re using has been sitting for quite a while so we stir the paint well.

Add a bit of water to thin the paint.

Then strain the paint through a paint strainer.

Use a paint jig, like the one shown below to apply paint with a paint sprayer.

The dowels help prevent overspray from bouncing back on the underside of the pegboard. Although, I’m spraying this pegboard with only one colour, it’s a great tool if you want to spray the front and back two different colours!

Gather your bobbins and Chigaco screws.

Chicago screws are a two part fastener system consisting of a treaded barrel, or post, and a mating screw. While working on another project, I discovered that a 1/2″ Chicago screw works perfectly to secure a bobbin to pegboard!

Use the chicago screws to attach the bobbins to the diy jewellery display as shown below. To start, the post should come through the peg hole from underneath.

Then pop on the bobbin.

And screw the other half of the Chicago screw to the post. The bobbin is now sandwiched right in the middle. Use a screw driver to tighten to the pegboard.

Do this along two edges of the pegboard jewellery display, skipping every other hole.

Once done, the pegboard will sit diagonally in the display stand as shown.

Hang the necklaces over the middle of the bobbin.

Once the necklaces are on, you’re ready to add the earrings. Take the matching earrings and place the hooks through the holes in the bobbin.

Instead of adding earrings individually to the jewellery display stand, connect one to the other as shown:

Then you only need to connect one earring through a hole in the bobbin.

For open earring hooks, just slip them in at an angle.

Now you have the entire set hanging together on one jewellery holder!

It’s a great convenience to have everything paired together. It allows you to just grab ‘n go to match your outfit.

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Suggested materials:

  • Pegboard   (big box store)
  • Iron stand   (thrifted)

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