Knack Knicks Are Quick Tricks

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I use knick knacks for odd purposes all over the house. They are so simple I decided to roll several into one post. I hope you get an idea to help you, too!

Open recycling bag holder
We can mix cardboard, paper, milk jugs, cans, bottles, caps, water bottles, all in one blue recycle bag. So I use this LAUNDRY HAMPER to hold the bags. Even a 2-person household can fill the bag in 1-2 weeks. (No aluminum foil, packaging plastics, styrofoam or batteries, light bulbs, and chemicals.)
An old bookcase
This old BOOKCASE has been all over the house and garage. About ten years ago I realized all my small appliances were taking over all the cabinets. So the bookcase has been a good partner who gets a tweak now and then. Someday I will refinish it to make it pretty.
‘58 Fairlaine
A trip to Chee-burger, Chee-burger! in Huntsville, Alabama, yielded this CARDBOARD CAR, carrying a big ole cheeseburger. Sometimes we use it to hold the garage door remote control. Now it is holding an extra working smoke alarm. I put it close to the garage (of course) on the utility room window sill. However, as I am decorating this year, if I come upon this specific Santa, he may drive a ‘58 sleigh.
Basket ajar.
This HANDMADE BASKET is one of a few a dear lady gave me before she died. She made this style to hold a face towel or two in the tall part. The shorter part is to hold two wash clothes. I have used it for a more mundane purpose. I set a glass JAR in the tall space to hold my wooden spoons and forks. In the extra little space beside the spoons I use for my wood pestle. In the short side are my three kitchen thermometers, meat, candy, and oven.
Jar for candy, or brushes?
I’m not sure where this BLUE JAR with snowflakes came from originally, but my friend gave it to me, full of Christmas candy. I’ve used it as a candy holder, pot pouri holder, and a guest soap holder. But now it is serving me as a perfect hairbrush holder. The flat brush is for my granddaughters and their long blonde hair. The round one is sitting in a TOILET PAPER TUBE, to keep the brushes apart. Just perfect.
Just about anything can be repurposed or decorated. I hope you have enjoyed my Knick knacks doing all kinds of quick tricks around the house.

Suggested materials:

  • Only things around the house
  • Presents, take-out container, other

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